Check Out These Insane New Voting Laws In Massachusetts!

Irish sent me the link to this, he is too busy to post it right now and asked me to do it if I had the time. I have shit going on also but this bullshit needs to be spotlighted hard. The opportunities for voter fraud and vote rigging here are so numerous it defies belief.

It also REEKS of desperation.

William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

COVID-19 Elections Updates

The Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office remains open to serve voters and candidates.

We are aware that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may change the ways that you vote or run for office. Below, please find information on how COVID-19 is affecting elections and what changes you may expect in the coming weeks.


Voting By Mail

In July, a new law was passed to allow all registered voters in Massachusetts to vote by mail in any 2020 election, with no excuse needed.

As required by the new law, a Vote by Mail application will be mailed to every person who was registered to vote by July 1 and who had not already requested an absentee ballot for the State Primary or for all elections this year. A second mailing will be sent out in September to all voters who have not already applied for a Vote by Mail ballot for the November election. The applications are pre-addressed to your local election official and no postage is necessary.

Vote by Mail applications must be delivered to your local election office no later than 4 business days before the election. For a State Primary ballot, your application must reach your local election office no later than August 26. For a State Election ballot, your application must reach your local election office no later than October 28.

If you wish to vote by mail, you are strongly encouraged to return your application as early as possible, to make sure that you will receive your ballot in time to return it and have it be counted.

Vote by Mail applications are available for download and may also be requested by contacting the Elections Division.

You can find more information on voting by mail on our Voting by Mail FAQs page.

(Updated 7/6/20)

Voter Registration

We encourage those who need to register to vote to use our online voter registration system. If you cannot register online, you may still register without leaving your home by sending a mail-in voter registration form to your local election office. If you need to register to vote in person, contact your local election official about their ability.

The voter registration deadline for all elections in 2020 will be 10 days before any election.

(Updated 7/6/20)

Early Voting

To assist with limiting crowding at polling places, there will be additional days of early voting this year.

In-person voting for the September 1 State Primary will take place over 8 days, with 7 days of early voting being held August 22-28. All cities and towns will be required to offer early voting on Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23.

In-person voting for the November 3 State Election will take place over 15 days, with 14 days of early voting being held October 17-30. All cities and towns will be required to offer early voting on Saturday, October 17, Sunday, October 18, Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25.

Early voting schedules and locations will be posted at at least one week before early voting begins.

(Updated 7/6/20)

Emergency Ballots

If you have been admitted to a healthcare facility within 7 days of an election, or you have been instructed by a medical professional or public health official to self-quarantine in your home within 7 days of an election, you may use the absentee ballot application to designate someone to pick up your emergency absentee ballot, deliver it to you, and return it to your local election official.

There is no deadline to submit an application for an emergency ballot, but your ballot must be returned to your local election office by the close of polls.

(Updated 7/6/20)

Town Elections

A new law has been passed which allows towns to reschedule their annual town elections, which are usually held between February 1 and June 30. Town elections must now be held on or before August 1. You should contact your town clerk for more information about the date of your town election.

No-excuse early voting by mail is allowed for all local elections being held on or before August 1, 2020. You may apply now for your mail-in early ballot.

If your town’s election has been moved, ballots for the original election date will still be valid. If you have already submitted an absentee ballot, that ballot will be counted.

(Updated 6/9/20)

Candidate Nomination Papers

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that, due to the difficulty of obtaining signatures on nomination papers during the current pandemic, the following accommodations shall be made for non-party candidates for federal office:

  • The number of required signatures for ballot access will be cut in half;
  • An “electronic signature,” which is the voter’s hand-written signature, either on paper or using a mouse or stylus on an electronic document, will be accepted on printed nomination papers.

Number of Signatures Required

In accordance with the SJC ruling, the number of certified signatures required for non-party candidates for federal office to be placed on the 2020 State Election ballot shall be:

President and Vice President — 5,000

U.S. Senator — 5,000

U.S. House of Representatives  — 1,000

Electronic Signature Gathering

The Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that signatures gathered electronically may be acceptable for certification, though the nomination papers must still be submitted to local election officials and the Secretary of the Commonwealth on paper.

Acceptable “electronic signatures” include signatures signed on a scanned nomination paper using a mouse, stylus, or finger. Signatures are also acceptable if they are signed by hand on a nomination paper which has been scanned and returned to the campaign electronically. Typed signatures are not acceptable.

Please note that nomination papers cannot be submitted to local election officials or the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office electronically. Papers must still be printed, back-to-front, and must be exact copies of nomination papers provided by this office.

Additional guidance on “electronic signatures” can be obtained from the Elections Division.


Because some city and town halls are currently closed to the public, candidates are encouraged to submit nomination papers to their local election offices by mail, if enough time remains before the deadline. If you are mailing nomination papers, we recommend the use of some tracking service, in case they are mis-delivered. If you would like the papers returned to you by mail, include a pre-addressed postage paid envelope for the clerk to use to return them to you.

Remember that postmarks are not sufficient for nomination paper deadlines. The papers must be in the local election office by 5 p.m. on the date of the deadline!

If you need to file your papers in person, you should contact the local election official for information on their availability. They may ask you to call when you arrive, so they can meet you outside, or they may request that you leave your nomination papers in a drop box. If you are leaving nomination papers in a drop box, be sure to include your contact information, so the clerk can get in touch with you when the papers are ready to be picked up.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office remains open to the public during regular business hours for the filing of nomination papers.

(Updated 6/29/2020)


13 thoughts on “Check Out These Insane New Voting Laws In Massachusetts!

  1. In the Volksrepublik, it doesn’t matter for federal elections. even the liberal kids joke about how dhimmocrat the vote will be. solid blue, even during Nixon’s landslide. This is just to make the left-wing of the dhimmocrat party feel good and demand we give more free stuff to illegal aliens and unionized government workers. I think they take bets to see who can kill the golden goose.


  2. I swear, this is a major reason our not-so-secret masters are pushing for a second lockdown: to facilitate vote fraud through 100% mail-in ballots come November.

    Which is totally okay. I for one am grateful they even allow us to pretend we have a say. After all, our only purpose on earth is to serve them. Or so I’ve been told.


  3. The federal laws covering elections give states wide latitude to enact their
    own rules. There are things they cannot do like disenfranchise classes of
    people for any reason, which would include political ideology or any party.
    The Democrat party has a long history of voter fraud and they are known
    for doing anything they can to cheat. The federal laws prohibit any attempt
    to cheat by say changing the way votes are tabulated as the Donks did
    in the 2000 election. They have to adhere to the existing state laws in
    force before the election and they cannot change the rules post facto.

    The biggest fear I have is that the Secretary of the State of Marxifornia will
    simply forget to send mail-in ballots to Republicans before the 2020 election.
    What could we do, go to a polling place and file a provisional ballot, when
    there are not going to be physical polling places? The classic method used
    by the Donks only worked in close races and had to be done after the numbers
    are showing that a Democrat is behind. It takes a lot of skill to find (harvest)
    ballots without detection. Hugh Hewitt wrote a book called If It Ain’t Close,
    They Can’t Cheat. The first clue is if the total vote count exceeds the
    number of registered voters in any given district or county.

    This is only tangentially related to the election in that a Trump win in November
    will result in even more riots, looting, and arson we are now seeing. The
    radical left will be driven batshit crazy. The guy in this video is a militant
    black, but he is smart enough to know what an actual race-based civil war
    will look like:


  4. PS There was an old quote that said, “If the Democrats lose even 25 percent
    of the black vote, it would devastate their party.” The Donks shit in their mess
    kit by pandering to the radical base. By pulling the trigger on their radical
    armed Marxist revolution before they had the numbers to succeed, they
    doomed their party. The crime rates in the inner cities were high enough before
    their Marxist mayors issued stand-down orders to their police departments.
    The dirty little secret is that most inner-city residents are working-class
    schlubs just like I used to be. They see the gang wars up close through
    their wrought iron window guards every day.

    Do not call this a civil war or a revolution, this is a temper tantrum by their
    allies in the radical left. Inner-city blacks and Hispanics are seeing the
    crimes soaring by 100 to 500 percent in just the last two months. What
    do you think their reaction will be to the concept of defunding or abolishing
    inner-city police departments?

    The three biggest voting blocs in the Democrat coalition party are the
    independents, private sector union voters, and traditional moderate
    Democrat voters, most of which are recoiling in horror at the recent
    at the recent events. By threatening to take their shit show to the
    suburban areas, a lot of white suburban voters are rethinking their
    party affiliation.

    If the Democrat party and their allies alienate enough of their voting
    factions, they are going to be fucked like Achmed’s goat in November!


  5. This reads nearly verbatim to the election law new for CA in 2020. This new law was first implemented in the March 2020 primary.

    Just as it has been noticed that various state simultaneously implemented new responses to the plandemic, we should expect various states will also simultaneously, or nearly so, implement new mail-in voter laws. The only way I know t counteract this is to deliver your voter ballot in person to your poll station, or new for CA, a polling center for the district poll stations have gone away.


    • When delivering ballot in person, there should be an option to cast your vote in person (as opposed to handing over the mail-in ballot).


  6. The Massholians don’t need any NEW voting laws to cheat. They vote straight Demonrat anyway. Exceptions are made for Rino Governors like Charlie Baker and Bill Weld. Don’t forget, Massholia produced that notable Presidential contender Mike Dukaka, who couldn’t even get his own state to vote for him in the primary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dukakis totally f*cked up the state’s response to the Blizzard of ’78 which is just one more reason why nobody voted for him. Look at some of the other notables Massholia has produced. John Kerry, Liz Warren, censored pedophile Gerry Studds, Barney Frank, the entire Kennedy criminal clan, the Bulgers. I don’t mention the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo because he was just a murderer and not a politician.

      I self deported outta there in ’90 and have never been happier.


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