You Have Less Than 90 Days Left

Come November 3rd 2020 The Shit Is Going To Hit The Fan, one way or another.

Best be getting squared away for some massive social upheaval which could possibly include food delivery disruptions and will definitely include protests and riots, especially if Trump wins by a small margin.

I personally think he is going to mop the floor with whatever the Democrats try to pull out of their asses but I also think that they are going to go Full Potato when he does win.

The aftermath of 2016 is going to look tame by comparison.

You have 87 days to harden up your defenses, deepen you larders and get ready for a reaction that has never been seen before in this countries entire history.


13 thoughts on “You Have Less Than 90 Days Left

  1. Unfortunately, you are right. Civility seems to have left the building. Buy as much ammo as you can afford. Forget about the kids’ college fund; if we don’t stop them now, ain’t nothing going to make it worthwhile in the future


  2. 31+30+31+balance of July?
    Start with math in the preps.
    Have you noticed the west side PNW is 5 to 10 degrees below normal? Usually corn knee high by June 4, most is barely this year July 4. People say “It’s a great grass year” for all the volume. But ignoring the fact we’re a month behind. Many get 5-7 cuttings normally. This year it’s probably going to average 4.
    Let’s allow people to protest on the freeway, and then act surprised when they get run down.
    Woman falls/dies at Grand Canyon. Guess that will be the next to close in the covid world “We have to protect each person” as best we can.
    Getting harder to not go postal on all the Stupid surrounding us.

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    • Lol!
      Ya got me with the math.
      I didn’t have a calendar in front of me and just averaged it out at thirty days apiece.
      Damn you guys are sharp.


      • I’m counting to see how many days to lose this governor (or not). I do wish the conservative candidates would get together & pick a Champion to enter the battlefield, rather than beating each other to death in primary and still losing to the Idiot by division.


  3. I posted about how worthless polls were on this site a few days ago. Every
    day, I check out the numbers on the DJIA and the Rassmussen daily
    Presidential Tracking poll. Every week this M-F three-day rolling average
    shows Trump at 42-23 percent on Monday and 46-47 on Friday. This
    pattern has been true for at least a year. Today, it started at 47 (where it
    was on Friday.) If the numbers hold or increase, this could be a result of
    the dumbfuckery by the radical left. As for the Dow, it is slowly crawling
    back back up. Just before the Chinese Kung Flu hit, it was flirting with
    30,000. It was in a downhill slide that hit the mid 18,000s after the
    lockdowns. Today it is a little bit above 26,000.

    A rising economy and the temper tantrum on the left will play into President
    Trump’s hand. In every speech and campaign video, he needs to hammer
    away at the Democrats and their allies on the radical left. This shit is being
    orchestrated by wealthy Democrat campaign donors and the Democrat
    party itself. For extra measure, he should run ads about the Democrat
    mayors and governors who screwed the pooch on the Chinese Kung
    Flu and their piss-week response to the BLM and Antifa riots. Some
    of these Democrat politicians in their own words were coming close to
    outright incitement. These idiots think the unrest will be blamed on
    President Trump. The exact opposite will happen because these
    Marxist assholes intentionally sat with their thumbs up their asses
    and made idiotic statements. One campaign ad would have to
    include the mayor of Seattle saying stupid shit about “A Summer
    of love!”


  4. If Obiden cheats his way across the finish line by using the punk pussy panic porn plandemic mail in ballots and kicks over comrade Kamala will be El Presidente and the Fundamental Transformation into the United States of South Africa will be complete.
    Here in Red State the CPUSA controlled Capitol City has already sent out the absentee ballots.


  5. I am a disabled geezer who is registered as a mail-in voter in the Peoples
    Republic of Marxifornia. I fully expect that I will have to schlep my ass to
    a polling place and cast a provisional ballot because the Secretary of State
    will forget to send me a ballot. I have seen my polling place change so
    many times in this state that I have to consult a map at the last minute!

    I will put nothing past the Marxist pricks governing this state.


  6. A lot of Trump flags in Outback Oregon here. I went looking for the one that said “Trump 2020–No More Bullshit!”. Found ’em at Amazon and have two of them on the way.


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