9 thoughts on “RIP Charlie Daniels. 1936-2020

  1. He was a true patriot and a great singer and guitar player. His latest group
    The Beau Weevils has one of the best C/W Cajun-style blues songs I ever heard!


  2. Damn, Heaven has a hell of a band now! Us on earth have to listen to rap and hip hop even in our country western music… sucks having to listen to that crap RIP Charley, you are gonna be missed until I get up there.


    • I thought Sean Hannity was pushing the envelope when used
      a country/rap fusion song as a lead-in to his show. When I was
      a kid, I hated the classic C/W stuff my mother listened to. In
      retrospect, the classic stuff was not that bad. New age country
      artists suck!


  3. Man! Wotta year. Now we have one less good man, a really good artist, too!
    RIP, Charlie. Don’t worry about the Devil finding ya, He went down to Georgia…


  4. Charlie wrote dynamite political commentary and we looked forward each week to his “Soapbox” columns. We have lost a true hero and patriot.
    He also did the narration to the documentary “Behold A Pale Horse”, and it’s still as timely today as when it was made. If you haven’t seen it, find it!


  5. A golden fiddle is singing out in the heavens.
    Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, that is the real country music.
    Not these Wal-Marx Noosecar poseur fake phonies that we have now.

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