Cutting Edge

I have never heard of these until now.

No word here on what the average cost to build is but I’m betting it’s very, very expensive.

Each one is a custom build too.


13 thoughts on “Cutting Edge

  1. This is what I’d call theoretical shooting. I can see no practical application for “rifles” like that.
    Build me one rail gun on a precision stock which isn’t a real burden to carry into the field and I’m game.
    Awesome yet incredible bulky rifles for punching accurate holes in paper ain’t what I call sports.
    My five cents.


    • There may be no immediate practical application, but the same also applies to top fuel dragsters. They also don’t seem to have much real world application, but it’s in the nature of some men to take existing technology to the absolute limit. This is the absolute limit for conventional gunpowder rifle accuracy. And then they push it beyond. Interesting, if not as visually exciting as seeing a 4.5 second quarter mile run on smoking slicks with flaming exhaust.


      • You’re right about that dragsters.
        Shooting such “rifles” just for the sake of accuracy alone simply doesn’t compute in my mind. I’d train accuracy endlessly in order to become a better huntsman or a top sniper – but one cannot drag those contraptions into the field – i.e. find a practical application for them.


  2. Sorry, those aren’t “rail guns” in MY vernacular, they are just static-mounted firearms. The rail guns I’M familiar with are just that – two rails, with a VERY large voltage and amperage charge between them, and the bullet/sabot is electrically and magnetically accelerated to target.
    Here’s an example, built by BAE systems:–em–railgun

    Not exactly portable, and the power supply’s a bitch to carry! ;P


    • You beat me to it egorr. I was thinking Electromatic railgun
      myself. This basically a conventional rifle that uses a precision
      linear actuator to maintain shot to shot accuracy much like a
      floating version of a rifle vise. A reak phased electromagnetic
      railgun is capable of developing hellacious velocity without
      drag or friction.


    • I was looking for the capacitors also. Then they showed him loading powder into his rounds. I guess we still need to wait for armored and augmented soldiers powered by antimatter reactors before we’ll get man portable rail guns. *sigh*


  3. Would I care to get into this game, even if I could afford it. No. I don’t have that kind of patience.

    That said, those guns are works of art. This is the benchrest shooting community. This is full-on balls-to-the-wall R&D in the quest for that one hole group. And we all get the downstream benefits. for free. See some new hot rod cartridge come out? A new bullet design? Odds are this is where it was conceived and developed.


  4. Might come in handy learning from these folks. Cross-pollinate with the RC and RasPi and Ham crowds, and what might come of it? Cheap disposable reliable accurate deniable sentry guns. Force multipliers. Sacrificial patsies made of OTS.


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