10 thoughts on “Cool. Now Let’s See You Get It Out Of The Driveway

  1. I sear I saw a Ford Pinto with a dragster style blower atop a V-8 engine in
    Lomita CA. That fucker had to have the HP to weight ratio of an F-15!
    I wondered how the owner could even see where he was gong with mass
    sticking out of his hood!


    • There’s a guy around here with a Chevy S10 with a blower motor in it & center steering. Not really sure it’s street legal tho.


      • The Pinto got a bad rap. A Chrysler Imperial or a Cadilac
        Fleetwood could catch fire in a bad crash. The fucking product
        liability shysters set up their own “research” center and they used
        remote-controlled model rocket motors to turn a simple fuel leak into
        a fireball. Don’t get me started on the Chevy saddle tank trucks,
        the Jeep rollover tests, or the Audi Sudden Acceleration Incidence


  2. Ya know, there’s just some things that people do that are really, really stoopid. This is a great example.
    Don’t do this at home, kids. Or in Auto Shop. Or anywhere else.


  3. Naw, I am sure Jesus Gonzales (AKA Speedy) remembered to put air lift or hydraulics in it for driving, otherwise his ass is going to get might warm from scraping the floor pan (or losing it completely) on the next pothole.


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