This Is The Guy They Were Calling A WARLORD In Seattle Just Last Week? (Updated)

Yeah, I think I jumped the gun here. Commenter Bone Fish posted a link to a picture of the real guy in the comments and he doesn’t look anything like this punk.

So now I am gonna go get some salt and pepper for my crow. After I pick the bones clean on that I am going to start digging around and see if I can’t find out where the second guy wound up at.

Update. Doing an internet search about this Raz Simone dude getting arrested turned up shit. Then I found this tweet from supposedly three hours ago.

Kinda hard to use Twitter from Jail I figure so Sum Ting Wong here.

For one, if the dude DIDN’T get arrested after all that bullshit then something stinks to high heaven.

10 thoughts on “This Is The Guy They Were Calling A WARLORD In Seattle Just Last Week? (Updated)

  1. Probably got black bagged along with all the gun slinging commies that mysteriously disappeared before they cLeaned out the rest. Some people have pointed out snatch teams in various video clips. Hope they enjoy Gitmo.


  2. That letter just smacks of some superior intelligence.
    I’m reassessing my opinion of the peaceful protestors and , now feel the need to be highly concerned.

    NOT ‼️


  3. If this does not illustrate what I was saying about this bunch of Vaganas,
    nothing does! These are not warriors, these a pampered mamas
    boys. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
    had more balls than this pampered pussy.

    PS How many of these cRap music stars have even been in a gang?


  4. Useful idiots who will be first against the wall. Soy boys and mean girls are in for a rude shock.
    There is no free ride in communism. You work or go to the gulag and get beat on while you work.
    A fifth column of traitor RATS and external enemies are making their move on this republic and the Covid-1984 panic porn hysteria is just the ticket for the vermin.
    The societal reset “new normal” is coming and it will be a hell on earth.


  5. There is one question I would like to have answered: How many abandoned
    “assault rifles” did the Seattle PD find when they evicted these pampered
    pussies? We were led to believe that whole freighters full of AK-47s were
    supplying CHAZ, BLM, and Antifa terrorists across America. Even if some
    of them had firearms, that reminds me of an old Gulf War joke about a
    sale on AK-47s, never fired dropped once.


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