1933 Revisited

You know I loves me some Doom Porn, well here is a healthy dose of reality people.

Don’t think for a second that you won’t be seeing more of this in the near future either.

Why Tenino, Washington is printing its own wooden money

The Thurston County town printed its own money during the Great Depression, using a newspaper press built in the 1870s. Its current mayor, Wayne Fournier, spoke to KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula Show about how that strategy has been translated into the modern era.

“We wanted to do something to help people that have been affected [by COVID-19] and people that are out of work,” Fournier described. “So we fired up the same exact press from the late 1800s, and we have printed off wooden money once again.”

This comes as business in Tenino has slowed to a crawl, making for something of a “ghost town” in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The town — with a population of just 1,800 people — put aside $10,000 for the project, printing the wooden money in $25 pieces.

People who have been affected by the pandemic can receive up to $300 a month in wooden money. They can then use it at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other Tenino businesses.

The city then reimburses the business. Fournier says it’s helping to rescue the local economy, while many businesses have already reported a slow trickle of wooden currency flowing in.

Tenino is less than twenty miles from the state capitol of Olympia.

So while Governor I’m A Fucking Idiot Inslee is busy playing Fuckity Fuck with his fellow Commie America haters, less than twenty miles away a small town has resorted to printing wooden fucking money to help it’s residents survive.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think he will be getting too many votes from that area come November.

Call it a hunch.

4 thoughts on “1933 Revisited

  1. That and a barter/black market economy is going to flourish. When money is worthless and the states are still imposing a sales tax or a confiscatory tax on what we trade. You know the the feces has hit the propeller and tax collectors will be tar and feathered if not downright shot.


    • I read a novel by author Tom Sherry, takes place in Washington State, near seattle, called Deep Winter. In that novel, the very situation you are talking about, of black market and barter, takes place. If someone in that area started a barter store, I think they could do great business.


  2. Michigan based Meijer has stopped accepting cash during the nationwide shortage of coins.
    I have found some wheat pennies and the 1776-1976 quarters here lately in my change at the Sack N’ Save.
    A sandbox war one vet buddy says they are getting rid of the Bicentennial quarter as part of the continued pussification (h/t/ G.Carlin) of America.
    The CPUSA dhimmicrats and external enemies are out to destroy this republic by any means necessary.


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