16 thoughts on “There Was A Reason Our Moms Told Us Not To Play In The Street

  1. Fuck.

    The cars were deliberately staged like they were to force some random driver to hit the punks so they could claim racisss or some other insane label.

    Ok, game on, assholes.


    • It was a “defund the police” protest. Guess who they called?

      Set up a car or two as roadblocks, dress in black, protest at night on I-5 in a metropolitan city? What could go wrong? There were at least two people who won stupid prizes.


    • The best part is that they don’t know where the driver got on the freeway from because it was supposed to be closed.
      That’s determination.


  2. The Chief of Police and the Mayor are the ones that should be charged with whatever the driver would be charged with. The driver should be released with community service credit.


  3. AAAAnd,, because they are geniuses, they ran from a position that was pretty safe, in the “Shadow” of the van,,INTO the path of the car,, had they not moved, woulda been okay,,Had they gone the Other way( What? Ya mean lefties inherently tend toward the Wrong Direction? NOOOO!)
    Had they done what their Momma surely told them,, and Not gona to play in the street,, they woulda been just fine..
    This is WAY past being upset about George Floyd,, This is a cultural revolution,, Looking back at the Cultural Devolution since the 70’s,, and seeing the Neck Snapping acceleration of the downhill spiral, Im not sure what America is gonna look like in 2 years..
    When Defund the POlice gets not just taken seripously in debate, but APPROVED by a city council, we know the 9insanity has infiltrated far enough into society to cause real, lasting damage,,


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