12 thoughts on “Because Ya Gotta

  1. Who eats chicken patties? Yuck! If chicken ain’t fried in lard I don’t eat chicken unless it is eggs, then I want them fried in bacon grease…


    • Let me stop what I’m doing and address this. The chicken patties got grilled on a cast iron grill, AFTER I rubbed the whole thing down with Bacon Grease. That works for me.


          • In response to your other post, I kinda figured you were busy with hardware… I did mine yesterday,cleaned, oiled and adjusted and ammo recycled.


          • Hey Phil, if you have to put your Mini-14 to serious use eradicating vermin, like Antifa rioters, can you write up some load data, and maybe a terminal ballistics report too? I reckon your readers would vicariously follow an after-action report of “somebody’s” Get Off My Lawn moment.


      • BTW, they aren’t breaded chicken patties. More like a half of a chicken breast. They are pre cooked and frozen so all you are supposed to do is heat them up. As usual, I like to do things my way.


        • I got my fat ass up early this morning to start cooking. My fucking
          back is out and I am totally exhausted! 12 chicken gams, 8 chicken
          thighs and 2 chicken titties slathered with honey Chipotle barbeque
          sauce, a hybrid version of the El Pollo Loco barbeque black beans
          using Bushes’ Baked beans, a tasty tater salad recipe I found on the
          Innertubes last night with warm sweet cornbread and butter. I am
          just about done!

          It’s finally fucking over. I ended up crashing for a few hours after
          a little cleanup. Three neighbor geezers, my developmentally
          disabled buddy and I got a damn good meal,


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