And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

As I was in the garage lubing and cleaning up some of my “Appliances” just a minute ago I was jolted back to reality by someone setting off a couple of BOOMERS big enough and close enough, to rattle the fucking garage door.

So I wiped my hands off and decided to take a smoke break and see if I could determine who this law breaking deplorable might be.

We are one mile on two sides from the Vancouverstan city limits. Fireworks are supposed to be verboten inside the city limits with a $500 fine on a first offense if you get caught setting any off. I’m not joking here, even a motherfucking Sparkler.

Exactly one mile to the North and the East, it literally sounds like a war zone right now.

So as I’m sitting out front smoking my cigarette and contemplating all of the explosions going off faster than a hummingbirds wings flap, a couple more Boomers go off just to the West of me around the corner.

It’s not like I give a shit. I just don’t want to see anyone have their fun ruined by one of the reported EIGHT illegal fireworks eradication teams that are supposed to be cruising around the city tonight. I have seen them the last 3 years in a row cruise by the front of the house and we live on a fucking Cul De Sac.

So as I’m sitting there , more and more fireworks start going off all around the house and I see that there is someone really close by doing some of it. As in open the back door close.

So I came back in the house and sat down here because a thought occurred to me.

All of these people around here setting off fireworks, legal or not, are the same people who as a larger group including all Americans, own at least 500 MILLION guns and an estimated TRILLION rounds of ammunition to feed them.

If what I am hearing right this minute can be used as a substitute for actual gunfire, I think some Radical Lefttards have a problem.

Think about it for a second. People are very, very angry right now after all of this fuckery by our state governments and from these idjit rioters.

From what I am literally hearing right this second, they don’t GIVE A FUCK what anybody says or thinks about them blowing off some steam and are risking $500 tickets every time they light a fuse without a thought about it.

It’s BFYTW writ large.

From the hundreds and thousands judging from what I am hearing right now.

So keep fucking that chicken ANTIFA and BLM.

People will focus all of that anger they have been bottling up on the nearest bunch of fucktards they can use as a scapegoat and you fit that bill very nicely.

Don’t take the hint and you are quite likely going to get an ass whipping that people will be talking about a thousand years from now.

22 thoughts on “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

  1. It has been that way since before 9pm here, oh course we don’t have the dicktators here like ya’ll have down there. One point, we will have most of our legislators and mayors and Sheriffs when it gets sporty, the gov will be gone, he is a fruit cake and our LT Gov will be in his place, she is our version of SD Gov Christie Noem and most of your politicians will be toast.


      • Phil, have you considered that this might actually be a good sign?
        The American people have been ignoring these fireworks laws
        for as long as I have been alive. This is an FU to those who would
        infringe on our liberties. Another question is, how much of this
        is driven by tyrannical lockdown orders or the COVID 19
        unemployment numbers?

        The average conservative would be shocked by the numbers of
        moderate to conservative black and Hispanic middle class
        workers in this country. Imagine if the Donks attempt to
        steal their retirement accounts or forced relocation from
        suburbia to the inner-cities (both of which the Democrats
        have floated or are already imposing.)

        If the government crosses the line, you and I might see Jamal
        and Jose standing alongside us. New York Jews are even
        seeing the signs of leftist Antisemitism and I was warning about
        this in the early 1980s after working with a guy who insisted
        on listening to PBS at work. Blacks have been escaping the
        new plantation by the hundreds of thousand for the last
        three years. The 2020 elections will be a make or break
        moment. If the Donks win, get your shit cleaned and

        When not if Donald Trump is reelected, that will be the
        second sign. Political violence by the left will escalate. We
        are getting close to the time when we have to grab our
        sporting arms, but it will take a few more signs. I knew
        more than most Americans about the psychology of the
        left in my teens, and have been a student of American
        politics in my early 20s.

        It is going to take a few more signs to get me to panic and
        say “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” bit the bitch
        that bore him is in heat again. I read Shakesphere, so
        sue me! When I panic, it is time grab up your shit and
        hit the streets.


        • So, Mr. Leonard, when you panic does your hair catch on fire and you run around in circles screaming at the top of your lungs; “The sky is falling!” or curl up in a fetal position and start sucking your thumb? Maybe a web cam on you so we will know when you panic and start waxing melodramatic excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays? I think “Comedy of Errors” or ‘The Merchant from Venice’ would be a good start… A good finish would be “All’s well that Ends Well.’ My favorites are; ‘Timons of Athens’ and ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen.’


          • When the shit hits the fan, I am more like the guy on a rooftop
            with a rifle when the survival of this country is at stake. I am
            too old, too fat, and too disabled to give a fuck about my self.
            If I go out in a hail of bullets, I would take as many as I can
            out with me.

            My only point is that the radical left from the sixties on is made
            up of a small minority of chickenshit college indoctrinated mamas
            whose main goal was to keep their asses out of Southeast Asia
            and score pussy from hippy chicks. As for the new-new radical
            left, they truly represent a comedy of errors. At least the old
            left could tie their own shoelaces, operate a can opener, and did
            not live at home with their parents into their thirties.

            PS I should have stated that I read some Shakesphere, not the
            entire collected works. My favorites are Julius Caeser, Hamlet,
            Macbeth, and Henry V.


  2. I’m not anywhere near you, but about 10 minutes after sunset it turned into “midnight at Khe Sanh” around here, and continued until the supplies ran out.


  3. It won’t be much of a fight……..the feral yutes and milky wannabees are burning down their own neighborhoods, and many of them can’t even decide which bathroom to use.
    I’m up for more of a challenge, like a muzzie horde or maybe the chicoms sending over some troops.


  4. Started off here ~8:30 and ran til around 10. Between 9 and 9:30 you’d have thought there was a a major battle going on. Firework are legal to sell in the state where I live, but the city I live in prohibits them. Commie stronghold, go figure. I stepped outside for a few minutes `9:00 and the smell of used gunpowder was extremely strong. Smelled like freedom.


  5. Here in Texas….I couldn’t wait; started about 20:30…..just to see how the new mortors would work. Rather nicely I’ll add.


  6. I’ve heard more large caliber fireworks, from all directions, than I have since I lived here. In NYFS, basically anything over a sparkler is illegal, yet I am hearing BIG booming mortars from everywhere. Been going on since late Thursday. All the local firework displays were cancelled, so folks decided to put on their own.

    Whitehall, NY


    • Here in Portland (Oregon) fireworks are also outlawed and have been for a long time. Yet for each of the past 27 years there’s been a huge display at the local park. Most years (weather permitting) the crowd amounts to about 300 – 500 spectators. The show has always been spectacular. This year nearly 1000 souls not only watched, but joined in the show.
      Both the crowd and the event drifted off about 11:30 but mortars and rockets continued ’til 2:00 when I finally went to bed.
      Times are a bit hard and my wife asked me why so many people could afford to ‘burn up all that money.’ I told her it was a message to the mayor and to the governor. “What is the message?” she asked. I suggested she imagine each rocket trail as a giant middle finger.
      I think she understands now.


  7. I’m behind the lines in SoCal. Last night was like a war zone. That has become a tired cliche, one perhaps wrought of hyperbole, but with eyes closed it seemed quite like a raging battle. Early this morning on one of the blogs I saw a video grabbed from a Los Angeles TV station. Shot from a helicopter, the video showed miles after square miles of all kinds of pyrotechnic fervor as far as the camera could see. I lit off my own improvised salute in honor of those who paid in full the cost of freedom.

    Maybe much of the fireworks were from, um, persons from foreign lands who usually are not bound by any law, yet I prefer to think it a glorious F U to the rats of the local and state directorate. Sight and sound, it was pleasing to the senses. God bless America.


  8. Closer to my place, over the last two weeks, there has been more than a smattering of concussive booms and whistling missiles night and day. Of course, yesterday and last night was the crescendo although already today promises to be a repeat. This is CA were just about an unlit match is punishable.


  9. I am feeling much better since I got out of bed after noon, so I hit the
    Intertubes and found a great video. In most of Southern Marxifornia,
    you can get your ass fined for a fucking sparkler. Los Angeles is
    probably the worst. If there is not a better example of civil disobedience
    I can’t find one. Even in the red as a baboons ass county like the Victor
    Valley, it sounds like a war zone every Independence Day,

    A few observations:

    If hundreds of tons of Mexican fireworks can cross our border, the drug war
    is lost.

    If this many people are giving the middle finger salute to state and local
    governments, any attempt to really crack down on our liberties will fail.

    This was Los Angeles last night:


    • Undoubtedly this is a combination of a big california fuck you to the governor and illegals joining the club, who don’t know fireworks have been given the heave ho. I love this!! I wish this had happened here where I live in the Central Valley.


    • Rolling out of bed at the crack of noon… I like that, I wish i could do that. You Mr. Leonard will do all right shooting left commie fags as I understand it they don’t get up until noon too and then come up mommie’s stair from the basement and have momma fix them a nice breakfast of vegetarian shit. I hope you at least eat a hearty breakfast of grits, eggs, bacon and hash. That is the breakfast of champions and Roof Koreans.


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