Washington Governor Inslee Doubles Down, Shops Must Refuse Service To Non Mask Wearers.”When we wear a mask, it is a signal about something about us…”

Yep, it sure is.

Here is the full quote,

“When we wear a mask, it is a signal about something about us, it is a signal we care about the community, we care about our loved ones, we care about those we are doing business with,” Inslee said. 

He forgot a word, it’s a Virtue Signal. Come to the Dark Side.

No mask, no service: Washington businesses must turn away customers without face masks starting July 7

Washington businesses will be required to turn away customers who aren’t wearing a face mask starting July 7, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Thursday. The new statewide order is in response to a surge in coronavirus cases. 

The proclamation comes almost a week after Inslee’s statewide mandate took effect requiring people to wear face masks while in public, both indoors and outdoors where six feet of social distancing is not possible. 

“When we wear a mask, it is a signal about something about us, it is a signal we care about the community, we care about our loved ones, we care about those we are doing business with,” Inslee said. 

Inslee said he’s optimistic that the vast majority of Washingtonians and Washington businesses will comply with this new order, however, businesses that do not comply could be faced with enforcement actions such as fines or forced closures. 

The new proclamation takes effect next Tuesday, July

Gov. Inslee also announced Thursday the state is putting a two-week pause on counties moving to their next phases of reopening due to increasing COVID-19 cases. 

“In Washington, our case counts have dramatically increased,” said Secretary of Health John Wiesman during Thursday’s press conference. Wiesman said the state hit a new record Wednesday with 618 new cases reported in a single day, and he anticipates at least 700 new cases will be reported Thursday. 

Due to the rise in cases, the Department of Health is pausing counties moving to their next phases. Counties will remain in their current phase for the next two weeks, or until July 16, Wiesman said. 

Inslee knows not everyone will like the move.

Earlier this week hecklers in Pasco interrupted an outdoor press conference while Inslee encouraged the use of masks in public.

Staff moved the press conference indoors.

Insee told KING 5 in a one-on-one interview this week that he was not worried about people losing faith in his orders or public distancing.

“A couple of people yelling are not going to stop the good news of the smart people of Tri-Cities who are masking up. I’m glad about that,” Inslee said.

He said more than half of the population in Central Washington are following his mask mandate.

Inslee said that might be helping the situation in Yakima County.

“We think there’s some evidence we may have started to slow down the spread of the virus,” he said.

So if we weren’t before, now we are most certainly virtual prisoners down here on the Funny Farm if you don’t submit to his decree.

First off, Fuck You Asshole.

Second, I hope someone who is truly disabled with a breathing problem sues the living dog shit out of this motherfucker under the ADA.

Third, I am NOT wearing a fucking mask.

Fourth, as it sits right this minute I have no reason to go anywhere or do anything anyway because I took care of a bunch of shit a week ago when I saw this coming

.I got your Social Distancing hanging shit head.

Even the Wifely Unit says she isn’t wearing one if she can avoid it so she has been ordering groceries On Line and driving up to the store, popping the trunk lid from inside and having them load everything up without even having to roll down her window.

Other than that, we don’t go anywhere.

These Rat Bastard Commie West Coast Governors are all playing out of the same playbook. That should be plenty obvious to anyone paying even the slightest attention.

November is coming. I can only hope that all of this ridiculous power grab over reach bullshit has been enough to convince a whole bunch of people who sit on their hands every election to get off their asses and vote these motherfuckers out of office.

Middle of the road Democrats should be getting Red Pilled by the truckload at this point

The Mail In voting needs to be absolutely secured first.

That is how they have continued this farce of elected government so far.

If not then the violence we have seen to this point is going to look like child’s play.

A few people heckling this bastard are going to be the least of his problems.

13 thoughts on “Washington Governor Inslee Doubles Down, Shops Must Refuse Service To Non Mask Wearers.”When we wear a mask, it is a signal about something about us…”

  1. Hey Inslee you rat bastard goat fucker, you can make all the suggestion you want, you CANNOT make laws assface. And since the legislature, the ones that can enact laws, haven’t been in session for about 6 months or so, your so called edicts have zero fuking validity. So pound sand & take your mask & shove it up your ass……


  2. The “surge” in Washington is largely due to Yakima County, which has had its annual influx of migrant workers.

    Sensible, but you can’t expect someone like Inslee to know anything about farming practices.


  3. At the beginning of this fiasco, Mid March here in Central Germany, I took half my accumulated holiday hours and masked up with a good quality N100 & bio-gases industrial Mask; if you have to panic, do it early. Idiots and their snide comments abounded but I diligently disinfected and was safer than a surgeon. All that practice as a geriatric nurse in the hard-core locked wards was paying off. When your workday involves end-stage dementia patients with explosive diarrhoea from poor exercise and diet, MRSA, Norovirus, and penny-pinching shitbags/admin, you get good at keeping clean.

    Now, the curve long since flatter than a cane-toad at the crossroads, and the great lie worn thin, folks are bitching at each other about distance and “masks”, which are about as effective as a lace doily. Less idiots and stupid remarks about my mask, but they are still there. Oh, and if you eat or drink somewhere you have to register name & contact details, which are visible to anyone who grabs the non-disinfected folder. So much for privacy and information security.

    Wednesday I was thirsty after work so I sat for a couple of litres/hours in my favourite beer-garden down the street from work, trading the customary insults and small talk with the local farmers. I’d forgotten my trusty Mask at work so I used my emergency bandana which lives in a pocket on my backpack. “Lives” is correct, I hadn’t had it out in months and it stank like a skunk-tanner’s armpit after a summer hike. A wash with handsoap in the basin toned down the funk acceptably.

    On boarding my first bus connection I’d forgotten to hike my emergency “mask” up over my face, and immediately copped rude attitude from the scrawny Russian prick that is actually always rude at every opportunity. I fixed the “mask” and asked him where his was….bus drivers have a dinky perspex plate that is supposed to shield them from corona, but would be ineffective at shielding anything other than a poorly thrown nerf-ball. Smarty-driver smugly declared he didn’t need one.

    Waiting at the hub for my homeward connection, simmering in the sun and beerhaze and observing the general lack of distancing, pathetic excuses for “masks” (henceforth known as maskuses), I reflected on the stupidity of sheeple and the gullible obedience of Germans, even or perhaps especially in the face of monumental officious stupidity and outright criminal fraud. My second driver of the day was a Turk, one of the nasty ones, which is a shame because many of them are decent chaps. Just my luck to have a buzz on and get the Two Worst Drivers on the whole network. We’d met before.

    There were three of us passengers on board. The bandana had begun to irritate and I wrenched it down onto my neck. Immediately the scrawny maskuse wearing young woman zeroed in on me and began ordering me to mask up. Politely telling her it was useless with these dangerous things and requesting her to leave me be led to her complaining to Mr Customer Service, who likewise began an imperious tirade of orders worthy of a Vizier. A thinner version of Erdolf.

    I had Had Enough. It was just two stops from home and it was still a nice day so I ignored Miss Bossyboots Futurecatlady and informed the Public Transport Gentleman that he, as an Anatolian Goat Fornicator, should perform an act of an oral nature on my posterior. Coincidentally we’d just pulled up at a stop, so I stepped out before he could comply with my directive, or more likely, summon twenty cousins and a cart of courage, which is the culturally acceptable thing from his diversity.

    Still haven’t been arrested, but I won’t be forgetting my genuine Mask again, I won’t be getting into that driver’s bus again, and I must remember to wash my bandana more frequently.

    Good luck with your corona rebellion. I’m considering going full retard in the other direction: Tyvek suit, NATO NBC mask, and a sandwich board with some choice announcements. Behold, The Covidiot Cometh!


    • Damn, we got another UnF to harass and make European jokes at! This one is German, UNFu is Austrian, we have English and Canucks, we had a Polish guy for a while. Damn Phil, you have an international audience!


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  5. fuck all these assholes. I expect gallant governor asshole newsom to try the same thing. some guy yesterday said to me, forgot your mask huh? I said nope, he mumbled and then walked away. fuck em all.


  6. Some stores require a mask here. “Face coverings must be worn”.

    I made a mask out of black nylon screen material.

    The sad part is that they accept it .


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