Oregon Governor Doubles Down On Masks With PR Campaign

I‘m telling ya, same playbook.

Statewide Public Awareness Campaign on Face Coverings LaunchesJuly 02, 2020

‘A Mask is Just a Mask’ campaign aims to unite Oregonians, especially younger Oregonians, on the importance of wearing face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19Portland, OR—Governor Kate Brown today launched a statewide public awareness campaign with Portland-based ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to inform Oregonians about the urgent importance of wearing face coverings when out in public. Wieden+Kennedy provided their creative services at no cost to the state.

“Today, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The individual choices each of us makes will decide whether we reduce the spread of this virus and find a way to keep Oregon open, or whether we let our defenses down and allow the virus to take hold,” said Governor Brown.

“We have a chance to protect ourselves and each other. If we follow the advice of doctors by wearing a face covering in public, physically distancing, and avoiding large gatherings, we can keep our friends and loved ones healthy and safe.

“Wearing a face covering is a simple, common sense way to protect yourself and others. It’s an easy way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. I am grateful for the team at Wieden+Kennedy for donating their services and helping to amplify this message.”

The new ad campaign—which will appear on social media, online video platforms, and outdoor media—was created to speak directly to Oregonians across the state about how our individual decisions can impact the COVID-19 health crisis in Oregon. It provides clarity and conviction around what wearing a face covering means—and how we all have a role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Text of A Mask is Just a Mask online ad:
A mask should not be
A sign of weakness
A political statement
Another way to divide us
A mask is a protective device
A barrier to protect you
And those around you from a virus
A mask is just a mask
And masks save lives

This summer, don’t accidentally kill someone.
Wear a mask and socially distance.

It’s called conditioning. Some guy named Pavlov proved that it works clear back in the 1890’s.

11 thoughts on “Oregon Governor Doubles Down On Masks With PR Campaign

    • While I share your opinion AND experience, I moved to… Washington State.

      I want Dimslee’s ass OUT of the Governor’s Mansion ASAP!!


      • Our governor is making some noises like the dipslee and brown-stain and newskum. We ain’t gonna tolerate it here. I had to go to Clarkston and all the washingtonian asswipes wearing their slave diaper was disgusting. I had a few looks and harsh words said to me. I told them you wanna back that shit up with your fists? All of them to a man declined.


        • I don’t know about you, but I am too old, too fat, and too sick to
          fight or run. That is why God created men with names like
          Browning, Smith, Wesson, and Remmington.


          • Same here Mr Leonard, I expect to stand there with my knees covered in brass before they get me and my fervent wish is to take a hundred with me. I want it to be extremely expensive for them.


  1. Virus go through masks as air does….
    I agree with those who say a mask now is more a symbol of political submission than safety. Like a red Nazi armband, it creates an illusion of uniformity, and isolates dissenters.

    Socialism repeats itself, yet again. One reason true history is not taught in our schools anymore. For socialism to start there must be “useful idiots.”
    I pray that enough Americans are not quite the idiots the wannabee tyrants think we are.


  2. Panty masks are Ritual Public Humiliation right out of Chairman Mao’s playbook.
    The organisms were released from a biolab where the workers where space suits and they laugh at a puny face tampon.


    • Dan Wieden & David Kennedy started their company right here in Portland before branching out all over the U.S. and then to the rest of the world. Apparently, like Bill Gates, they feel that success in one field entitles them to dictate their beliefs to us “Deplorables” who will then ‘see the light’ and go forth and live by their form of gospel.
      Trouble is… We’re ‘deplorable’ and we know that ‘light’ is a runaway locomotive barreling through the tunnel. They have no problem contemplating all the dead peons – on both sides – it might cost to ram their plan up our a… er, DOWN our throats but are they similarly prepared to see politicians, TV talking heads, business leaders, and all their families sacrificed to satisfy their power-lust.
      I have a feeling we will see just how hungry they are.
      God help us all and God bless America!

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