Enjoy Your “Independence Day” Celebrations Peasants And Don’t Forget To Wear Your Masks While You Practice Social Distancing

On top of all of that happy horseshit, fireworks are completely illegal here in Vancouverstan and have been since 2016.

Yeah, I’m getting about done with it.

I am basically a prisoner in my own home and it’s either submit or starve now.

That is basically what the Guvnah proclaimed this morning with his latest decree that no businesses can serve anyone who isn’t wearing a fucking face mask.

The America we grew up in is long, long gone.

I’ve had a gut feeling for the last several years that all of this is going to come to a head in my lifetime.

It has been looking a lot like lately that the Commies are itching for a fight.

They think that they have the stroke to take over completely and start laying out the new rules.

Me thinks they are going to be in for a surprise when a few million people decide they have had enough of the bullshit.

It’s coming as sure as the Sun rises in the East at this point.

All it’s going to take is a spark and then it’s going to be On Like Donkey Kong.

The Sheeple will run and hide and so will the Politicians.

Then we shall see who is left standing to try and enforce all these new rules.

14 thoughts on “Enjoy Your “Independence Day” Celebrations Peasants And Don’t Forget To Wear Your Masks While You Practice Social Distancing

  1. The politicians can run and hide and we are gonna find them and fuck them and light them up… any of them, demo, repubs, at this point it doesn’t take a snail dick worth of difference. Trump will be revered as a living Example of Goodness and Right!


  2. I don’t believe there is a “Light-switch” moment as a “nation”. It’s all about the individual and what they are willing to tolerate. For me it is not much and I think that mindset generates an air about me that hasn’t been tested in at least 6 years by one of the “protected class”.


    • Correct. A nation has borders, a common history, common language, common culture, common laws, and is run to the benefit of it’s people.

      This is an empire run by and for a collection of transnational rulers for over a century, perhaps always was.

      After all, which other nation in history has ever won a revolution and another war in less than 30 years, and paid reparations to the defeated party?

      Asking for a friend…


  3. Must have been fifteen years since I last read Gordon Liddy’s, “When I Was a Kid This Was a Free Country”. He is twelve years older than me having been born in 1930 but our experiences growing up weren’t that different. If I read it now, it would probably make me cry, but so does “Old Shep”. The last chapter of the book is his take on Watergate. If you’re like me, and knowing only what the news and hearings told you, it is quite a revelation to hear it from the inside.


    • His biography was pure gold. Watergate was never about campaign
      dirty tricks. It was not the Plumber’s first mission. In that time,
      Democrat Congressional and Senate staffers were leaking classified
      information to the press. The first clue was the name of Liddy’s
      crew, The Plumbers. What do plumbers do? They fix leaks. I am
      sure that Nixon Sanctioned the operation, he did not want to know
      details. Like an episode of Mission Impossible, these if they were
      caught, they were on their own.

      Someone in the Democrat party leaked the “Pentagon Papers” to
      Daniel Elsberg. In another case, a Democrat leaked the blueprints
      of our most advanced nuclear weapon that was published in a
      leftist newsletter. In both cases, the government declined to
      prosecute because it would have revealed sources and methods,
      and put the lives of CIA officers and foreign assets lives in danger.

      Liddy never stated in his biography what the Plumber’s mission was,
      but if you read between the lines, he was loyal patriot who never
      ratted out his crew or broke down in Congressional hearings.
      He was a hard-core Jarhead and CIA officer who loved the
      constitution and his Commander in Chief.

      He will go to his grave knowing he did the right thing!


  4. SO what with you having lost yer job, why the hell are you still living in that commie state?

    Move to a free state.

    What’s keeping you there?


    • My Wife and our son.
      We have an autistic son. She had to get certified years ago by Washington state to be his licensed caregiver. She gets a small amount of money for that from the state He is of course disabled. As part of his disability evaluation it was determined that he is capable of some simple tasks so he has a two hour, one day a week job dumping trash cans in an office. This is not something that is easy to find.
      Not only can I not convince her to move to another state, I have been unable to get her to even entertain the idea of moving more than ten miles away IN THIS COUNTY!
      Her sisters live nearby and her aging and infirm parents are thirty miles away and she goes and takes care of them occasionally also.
      If it were otherwise I would already have been long gone.


  5. Yea…fireworks are illegal here in at least this part of Florida, which is why on every 4th and New Years dozens and dozens of folks around here let them loose into the sky. And I’m not talking about the pissant little bottle rockets, I mean the big boomers.
    We’re in boonie-ish territory up here, and the LEO’s kind of know better than to come out this way to attempt to stop us…some of the booms are NOT fireworks. They would rather go piss on a blm and antifa crowd.


  6. I’ve a feeling that Independence Day here is going to be epic, especially with our governor’s (Abbot) mask wearing edict.
    Last night alone built into a rolling crescendo of mag dumps and big booms, today and especially tonight should be lots better!
    My local hardware had an extra table set out chock full of tannerite, and was sold out earlier in the week.

    People are rightfully ticked off.


  7. I saw a guy yesterday wearing his mask. Outside, in the fresh air and sunshine.

    On his fucking moped.

    Happy Independence Day!


  8. Simple solution to a simpletons edict, don’t nobody wear a fucking mask. How many times through history have TPTB thrown an entire populace in jail? They have tried, but it don’t usually work out to well before someone goes postal….. once that happens the resulting fiasco is infectious. Then it’s game on!


  9. I haven’t worn a mask since this shitshow started and have no intention of wearing one, period. When confronted, I simply state I have a medical condition and can’t wear one.
    I was asked to leave one store. I promptly reported it to the corporate HQ and then filed an ADA complaint. I got a call apologizing.


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