5 thoughts on “Defund The Police?

  1. O once had a Department Manager tell us, “Please schedule all your emergencies at least a month in advance.” We looked at each other with stone faces. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or beat the Manager to death with a ream of paper. Or maybe all three.

    No jury of my peers would ever convict me.


  2. Saw a state trooper with a car pulled over yesterday.
    Think the last time I saw that was over a year ago.
    Don’t really see much of them anyway.
    I moved from a area that had its share of crime.
    Not much around here though.
    I count myself lucky to be able to be in a relatively nice quiet place.
    It suits my needs.
    Have a fella down the road with some hungry looking pigs.
    Figured I’d feed them if the need ever arised.


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