Nauseating Cowards

I quite often get disgusted with politicians but this one is an especially good example of why my opinion of most of them ranks somewhere between gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe and warm dog shit squishing between my toes.

Republicans fear backlash over Trump’s threatened veto on Confederate names
Senate Republicans fear President Trump is putting them into a political no-win situation by threatening to veto a popular defense policy bill over bipartisan language to rename military bases named after Confederate generals.

GOP lawmakers are trying to wave the president off his veto threat and may end up delaying the bill to avoid a political disaster before Election Day.

Read that again.

You couldn’t find enough parts to make a spine out of the entire lot of them nor a functional brain to make it stand up straight anyway.

Useless fucking cowards, every damn one of them.

More afraid of looking bad than doing what’s right and standing up for it.

Fuck every one of you miserable cunts.

12 thoughts on “Nauseating Cowards

  1. “Useless fucking cowards, every damn one of them.
    More afraid of looking bad than doing what’s right and standing up for it.”

    And they have been that way for over 20 years, as we all know.

    mcconnell can suck a dick.


  2. It’s a shit test. They are pushing to see how far we’ll let them go. They won’t stop either. They are going to have to be stopped. I’d love to say more, but I am probably on enough chit lists already…


  3. Hey, small comfort but you aint alone over there, we’ve got hundreds of equally gutless bastards over here in England, supposed to be Conservative MPs but the Tory party are fake.
    WTF people keep voting for the same swine is the question, i blame the idiot box in the corner and the rest of the MSM, between them they just continue the programming of sheeple that was instilled during their schooling.


  4. The GOP are absolutely worthless fucking cowards, Traitors and CUNTS!!
    Hear that you fucking loosers?
    FUUUUuUUCk you!!!
    Who else can hold Power and Fail,Fail,Fail?
    And not just with Trump as Prez.
    This has happened numerous times when Repubes had it all.

    I’ll give this to the commie fucks like pelosi the carpet licker and Schummer the Felching King. They FIGHT, they dont quit and they stay unified.

    Yeah, i’ll vote for trump again.
    Sure as fuck aint gonna vote for the DemoNationalCommunist Party, NEVER!!!

    And there isn’t a re-Pube that has tryed to replace Trump and doubt if there are any that will Piss and Shit on the Commies like him.

    All that said, November ends in disaster….
    no matter who has Control.
    Guns amd Ammo sales are gonna skyrocket, Again, mark my words.
    At least to the point that it can, cause right now shit is beyound thin amd its going to get worse. Alot worse. Yup, i am in the biz.
    I will say this, our training schedule is packed thru to oct, and expect that to get crazier.

    The Average person is not prepared for what is coming.
    Best get your heads out of your ass’s.
    Ugly ….is well on the way…..
    and Can Not be Stopped, at any level for any reason.

    Good Luck.


  5. I see it as being really funny.
    The sleeping sheeple are getting to see we have nothing more than the Uni-party.
    We’re going to get to watch the main show now fellas, get you some popcorn.


    • Yep. I always say I’m getting tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s sickening that we can’t get adults in office who DO follow the constitution and laws without writing pandering laws that violates our rights under said constitution.


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