2 thoughts on “1+1+1=3

  1. I remember the number of Clinton’s scandals when he was in office. Every one
    his cronies fell on their swords by going to jail or prison to protect the Clinton’s.
    The number of people involved in Felonia von Pantsuit’s corruption scandals
    as Secretary of State is so huge someone will her fucking ass out. Even some
    lowly staffer has an insurance policy or get out of jail free card. It may be in the
    form of E-mails, text messages, or documents. If you ever play by Democrat
    rules, you have to have some kind of CYA material.

    This Maxwell broad was Epstein’s procurer. The guy was running a worldwide
    child sex slave ring that included wealthy Democrat campaign doners, Wall
    Street Bankers, celebrities, Democrat politicians, and at least one RINO
    Republican. After Carlos Danger (AKA Anthony Weiner) sent dick pics
    to underage girls. Mittens Romney was using the alias Pierro Delecto which
    is delicious dick in Spanish. If Maxwell has a little black book, its contents
    would destroy a large number of wealthy perverts, including foreign digniaries
    and even at least one member of the British Royal Family.

    Crooks are crooks and Epstein had a sideline. He was filming his clients
    boinking the girls using hidden cameras for the purpose of blackmail or
    an insurance policy. If Maxwell has access to this material, The Clinton’s
    would be the least of her worries. Can you imagine a billionaire banker
    or a member or a member of the British Royal Family and the price they
    would pay to take her out?

    In addition to Blow-Job Billy who flew with Epstein’s pleasure palace about
    30 times, Weiner, Clinton’s lesbian wife, and her lesbian lover flew on the
    Lolita Express at least a few times. Even if Hillary is not prosecuted for
    her political crimes due to the statute of limits, most state laws and possibly
    the federal government do not recognize a statute of limitations for rape
    or child molestation. What does Carlos Danger, his former wife, Hillary,
    and Bill Clinton have in common? They all like pussy!

    Remember Hillary’s E-mail?


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