9 thoughts on “They Forgot Pizza Crust And French Toast

  1. Fuck, I remember the first time I had French Toast in a restaurant with real
    egg bread. Up until that time, I thought French Toast used white bread. I
    also remember the first time I cooked my own breakfast When I was 5, I
    was making one-eyed jacks. Toss some butter in a pan, cut the middle
    out of a piece of white bread with a glass tumbler and crack an egg in the

    I did not come from a rich family. My mother canned preserves, saved S&H
    Green and Blue Chip Stamps, and she got a glass tumbler with Warner Brothers
    cartoon characters painted on the outside with every fill-up at the gas station.
    Our small pantry (a room under the stairs) was filled with canned and dry goods.
    As a girl, she lived through the darkest period of the Great Depression. Her
    generation was the first preppers!


  2. Honestly, I had it pretty good as a kid, and we still used that shit for everything. My grandmother used to make me white bread + barbecue-flavor potato chip sammiches. Which just goes to show, well, something, I guess.


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