Seattle’s Park Hill Area Cleared Out Finally. Now Prosecute Those Responsible For The Deaths And Damage

That would include the fucking Mayor and Guvnah Inslee for allowing that shit to go on for weeks.

3 people are dead and 1 is in critical condition from gun shots. None of which would have happened if the people in charge up there had done their fucking jobs and shut that shit down as soon as it started.

Seattle police retake stationhouse in CHOP, arrest multiple protesters following Durkan orders

Police Chief Carmen Best said “enough is enough” after fatal shootings in the area

Seattle police have retaken the East Precinct stationhouse after clearing out the protest area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, making more than a dozen arrests after Mayor Jenny Durkan declared the gathering an unlawful assembly following two fatal shootings.

Police issued the order to disperse around 5 a.m. local time Wednesday, telling protesters to leave within eight minutes. At least 31 protesters were arrested for failure to disperse, obstruction, resisting arrest and assault, police said.

Here’s a bonus clip that you won’t see on the news that I found, filmed by someone who lives there.

Get in the van bitches.

12 thoughts on “Seattle’s Park Hill Area Cleared Out Finally. Now Prosecute Those Responsible For The Deaths And Damage

  1. And just like that the glorious people’s collective utopia vanished.
    Back to the basement for to the comrades to prattle on about evil capitalism while wearing Nikes that were made in Vietnam by sweatshop laborers and posting up on Apple devices while sipping a Starbucks soy latte with an AT&T broadband account.


  2. Can we start building the Gallows? Or maybe we can go French and use a guillotine.
    Maybe just throw them it to a tank of Killer Whales…


  3. To anyone who has read Chittum’s “Civil War II”, things seem to be progressing more or less how he figured in 1996…


    • The biggest mistake you can make is to overestimate your enemy.
      Most of these people are college indoctrinated Milleanneal idiots
      still living in their parent’s homes at the age of 20. Their parents
      spent a small fortune on their liberal arts degrees. These degrees
      are as useless as toilet paper and do not qualify them for anything
      more than a minimum wage job slinging Lattes at Starbucks or
      asking people “would you like fries with that.” Almost none of
      these brats has ever fired a gun in their lives.

      The radical left has made a lot of gains in the culture war since
      the 60s, but the protests and riots ended the moment Nixon
      abolished the draft and instituted the all-volunteer military. In
      the end, it was all about keeping their middle and upper-middle
      class asses out Southeast Asia.

      These childish temper tantrums are only occurring in Democrat
      governed cities, because they know they can get away with it.
      Do this in Podunk Idaho and these morons would be practice
      dummies for baton training. If these Democrat governors and
      mayors were enforcing existing laws, this would end overnight!


  4. Down the hill in Norco CA, a group of people counter-protesting BLM/Antifa
    were joined by the local biker community. Hilarity ensued. Some leftist
    bitch demanded that the cops arrest a biker for assault. Cops ignored
    her and told the minor league Marxists to back off:

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    • Like you, I just keep thinking to myself that these Radical Leftist Assholes absolutely do not realize just how badly outnumbered they really are.


      • I agree. Back in elementary school, I learned that only about
        10 percent of the colonists supported the revolution. About
        the same percentage supported the Soviet revolution. Our
        founders fought for a just cause and Marxists had to disguise
        their agenda. The agenda or these idiot motherfuckers is burn
        it all down and replace it with an anarchist totalitarian police
        state. That is a hard sale in a country where even the poor
        have a high standard of living.

        I just looked it up. The outlaw biker community has 500 major
        and 2,500 smaller gangs. The estimate is about 44,000 BMF’s.
        On the independent side, there are more than 12 million bikers.
        Fuck the Millennial soy-boys and their rice rockets. You can
        subtract the RUB’s (Rich Urban Bikers, a derogatory term for
        Harley Davidson wannabe badasses.) That leaves an army of
        at least a few million freedom-loving real bikers and most of
        them are gun owners. They could win a war against these
        pussies on their own if you handcuffed every cop, National
        Guardsman, and the entire US military!

        PS Riding a Japanese bike is like fucking a fat chick. It might
        feel good but you wouldn’t want your buddies to see you do it!


  5. Phil, I honestly hate to burst your bubble. But all those AntiFa fuckers are the same voters that put the Mayor and the Governor in power. There is absolutely NO WAY either will pursue any legal action, the entire works: AntiFa, BLM, Mayor Council and Governor are completely bereft of any moral compass.
    It has nothing to do with what is just and what is right, it is about power and control.
    Nothing else.

    I hate to be correct on human behavior, unfortunately this is a no-brainer. Let’s stay home and keep reloading.


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