House Armed Services votes to make Pentagon rename Confederate-named bases within in a year

Yeah, Trump needs to tell them no and then see about making it so that these assholes have something more important to do.

The House Armed Services Committee has approved an amendment to the annual defense policy bill that would require the Pentagon to strip Confederate names from bases and other property within one year.

The amendment, offered by Reps. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) and Don Bacon (R-Neb.), was approved 33-23 as the committee considers its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The vote fell largely along party lines, with just Bacon and Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.) crossing party lines to support it.ADVERTISEMENT

“A vast majority of Americans support this, a vast majority of members of Congress support this, and a vast majority of senior leadership, both civilian and military, at the Department of Defense and the service components seek this change,” Brown said. “We’re grappling with the country’s painful past and must acknowledge that the history and cause of the Confederacy is centered on slavery and oppression. Highly visible instances of racial violence and racism have underscored the immediate need for change.”

The committee vote comes after President Trump threatened to veto the NDAA if it includes a requirement to rename bases.

16 thoughts on “House Armed Services votes to make Pentagon rename Confederate-named bases within in a year

      • President Trump has vowed to veto any such bill that passes the
        Resolute Desk. The Donks want to insert this provision in the
        Armed Forces Appropriation Bill. I don’t know how many
        squishy RINO Republicans are left in the Senate but in the 2018
        midterm election all but one RINO who declined Trump’s endorsement
        lost! Jeff Sessions (John McStain’s butt buddy) resigned because
        his polling numbers were lower than a case of the Clap. McStain
        did America a favor by dying in office.

        You can count on Susan Collins, the hatchet-faced cunt Lisa
        Madcowski and Mittens Romney to cave but a 2/3 majority is
        a fairly high hurdle to clear. When it comes to the traitor
        Mittens, he is serving his first and last term in the Senate.
        Utah is as red as a Baboons ass and he is about to have his
        Dixie Chicks moment.

        As for Madcowski, she is up for reelection in a deep-red state
        in two years. The Caribou Barbie (Sarah Palin) has already
        declared her intention to run against her in the primaries.
        Love Palin or hate her, she was a fucking rockstar. Without
        her, McStain would have lost a ton of conservative votes.
        Every conservative Republican and TEA Party candidate
        she endorsed in the two following election cycles won!

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  1. No they probably don’t vastly support this.
    That more than likely won’t stop it.

    I don’t know. I was on three different bases in the south and one out west.
    I don’t like what’s going on or coming down.
    There’s only so much I can let get my blood pressure boiling over.

    I suppose that is my message fellas.
    Don’t stroke out on what you can’t change.

    Like Phil said a couple weeks ago,we’re going to eventually have to come off the porch.
    I’m keeping this in mind as I just say BFYTY!!!!

    Proud to be a part of this little group with all you nonconformist heathens.

    The day is fast approaching. I’m thinking of making the most of each one until till then.
    But when it comes,I’m planning on being mad dog mean..


    • Thank you Deathray! I am a proud Deplorable who is old enough
      to remember that the nonconformists were the smelly long-haired
      radicals in the sixties. If I were to wear a Deplorable T-shirt in
      the grocery store I might get my elderly ass kicked by liberals.
      These fucking savages are too illiterate to understand the words
      nonconformist and heathens. After I recover my hangover, I am going
      to look up a custom T-shirt shop!


  2. What’s in a name?
    Which crew likely has higher morale, the crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt, or the crew of USS Harvey Milk?
    We name our military bases after famous fighting men for a reason. Renaming them for political activists (as they most assuredly will be, see USN above), will erode morale.


  3. It’s my understanding that naming these bases after Confederates was one of the gestures of unity and reconciliation after Reconstruction. I guess the Yankees don’t want unity and reconciliation any more. Well, I was never reconciled. They burned down Atlanta, my home town, and now look at it..


    • And I understand President Andrew Johnson granted a full pardon to former Confederate officers, so they can fuck right off with that.


      • The irony was that Johnson was a runaway indentured servant.
        He was the only Southern Democrat to remain in office once the
        war started. He even led Union soldiers in battle. He was
        impeached in Congress but was not removed from office by
        a single vote. The radical Republicans as they were called
        back then wanted to punish the South but Johnson swore to
        keep Lincoln’s dream of unification. He was an interesting
        man and the bio-pic starring Van Heflin is on my list of
        DVDs I want to buy.

        PS The amnesty was followed by an act of congress that
        recognized former Confederate soldiers US military veterans.
        One soldier sired a child very late in life and the last survivors
        benefits just ran out this year!

        Every time one of these brain-dead shitheads desecrates a
        statue, they are destroying memorials of United States soldiers.


  4. Because I am a forward-thinking and progressive person I am suggesting a list of names to replace those horrible dead white racist transphobic bacon-eating gun-toting Confederates. It may be that the following names are role models for and representative of the sorts of people bravely and selflessly pushing us toward greater social justice and a brighter future. I have listed their real names and their political aliases (in parentheses) for convenience. It would be respectful to use their birth names, to honor their forebears and all. I look forward to the day when no person need conceal their heritage because of discrimination.

    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (“Vladimir Lenin”)
    Lev Davidovich Bronstein (“Leon Trotsky”)
    Hirsch Apfelbaum (“Grigory Yevseyevich Zinoviev”)
    Leo Rosenfeld (“Lev Borisovich Kamenev”)
    Ioseb Jugashvili (“Joseph Stalin”)
    Hirsch Brilliant (“Grigori Yakovlevich Sokolnikov”)
    Andrei Sergeyevich Bubnov (no alias)

    And if we need more names, we can add Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (no alias) and Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skryabin (“Vyacheslav Molotov”). My Ukranian friends are particularly fond of Kaganovich and Molotov. For their contributions to farming and food production in 1932-33.


  5. Who is is this large majority I keep hearing about? I was not and never have been asked, Polled or anything else. This is a BS political move by the Demon rats. No Name changes as long as the protests and riots are going on.
    Then do a five year study on the effects of the name changes and pick NO Minority names and NO LIVING Persons. I personally i thought of a few. Fort Grant for Fort Lee, Fort Carson to Fort Custer, Fort Bliss to Fort MacArthur, Fort Knox to Fort Patton and if they really wanted to Piss off the south Fort Benning Georgia to Fort Sherman. That’l show those confederate descendants


    • Lies! Outright, blatant, in-your-face lies!
      The majority of Americans don’t give half a fuck about the name that adorns the nearby base.
      But once again they will tell the lie over and over and over again and again as if it were true.

      … and nobody is getting off the porch to call them on it, so its going to continue!


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