15 thoughts on “SWEET!!!

  1. Fucking pussy! I am hoping a recall drive is in the works and if not he ain’t gonna be ‘govner nest election! I am glad normal people are waking and heckling his skinny ass and making his life a hell. Here is to hoping Washington turns RED and becomes a conservative state, I might even move back because I like Washington state. Lord help ya’ll iffn’ I move back…


  2. Not enough negroes in that racist video full of angry whites. White people are stupid, impulsive and violent: incapable of creating and maintaining an advanced technological society. I learned all this from watching the TV news.

    That speech would have turned out differently if there had been more POCs. I have learned from TV shows and commercials that all the really smart people, the chiefs of surgery, the physics PhDs, the programming geniuses, are POCs. The US could not have gone to the Moon if it were not for sassy women of color, you know. I have also learned that the most wise, patient and kindly people are POCs.

    Surely the nice people who taught me all of this wisdom, those who write and produce our TV shows and movies, the same kinds of people who control our advertising and our news media, would not deceive us. After all, what possible motive could they have?


    • So, good rant. But, are you the original Mike _C that commented here a few days ago that is Chinese or the one Wirecutter admonished to add a extra letter or number to his name? I just want to know who we are reading…


      • The “original” one. The other guy (no underscore) has his own blog, though dormant circa 2017. I depend on the kindness of folks like Phil and Kenny.


  3. I have believed that America will prevail over the left for many decades.
    This is the second go-around in my lifetime. The radical left was a tiny
    minority in the Vietnam War era and it is still a tiny minority today. Far
    too many conservatives are predicting America’s doom. Every time these
    cowardly punks are challenged, they turn tail and run, be it a Democrat
    politician or the BLM/Antifa thugs.

    A lawyer couple in St Louis defended their home with an AR and a semi-
    automatic pistol. The homeys did not want to play that game and retreated.
    The biker community came out in Norco CA in support of counter-protesters
    and drove off the thugs. The shit has not hit the fan yet, but if it does, you
    can expect to see a lot of this!

    Inslee ran away like the pussy he is in the face of a few dozen pissed off
    citizens. What does that tell you? He is a cowardly prick who does not
    even have the courage of his convictions. Leftists are nothing more than
    con artists, who brainwash the youths with Marxism. Every leftist Democrat
    politician is following something called deconstruction theory, the idea that
    if you are selling a defective product (Marxism) the existing superior
    product (capitalism,) must first be destroyed.

    This gave way to the Cloward-Piven strategy that calls for the existing society
    to be destroyed by bankrupting America under the weight of a massive welfare
    state in order to create a socialist utopia. I firmly believe politics is just as
    dynamic as economics. The electorate will push back against this insanity
    in November. In an actual shooting war, these soy boys will fold like a cheap
    suit. The only question left is will the GOP take a hard line on public sector
    unions (especially the teacher’s unions) on the federal and state levels?
    This would go a long way to reverse 50 years of social decay!


    • The problem with the radical left is that not enough of them got drafted during Vietnam. What we needed back them was for a lot of them to meet their maker. Instead, they got deferments and were indoctrinated by the likes of bill ayers and that scum instead of dieing, choking on their own blood in a rice paddy 8000 miles from home.


  4. The left continually makes the mistake of believing our silence equals concession; we’re just keeping our powder dry. November will be quite an interesting month.


  5. The glorious people’s republic of Washington where the dopey dopers stink like ass and the people’s utopia is a shithole known as CHAZ/CHOP.
    Jenny Durka Durkastan the feckless mayor of the punchline known as Seattle is pretty funny as well.
    What a Great Leap Forward is the Fundamental Transformation. Yes we can!


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