I Hate This Guy

Oh sure, nice trick.

Until some years later when some asshole like me is trying to figure out how to take it apart.

11 thoughts on “I Hate This Guy

  1. Damn Phil , you seem to be in a foul mood today.
    Everything okay buddy?
    Take a breath, count to 3 ( 10 might be to much cause you’re a old fart )
    Let the breath out slowly and think good thoughts. You’ll be alright, trust me.


    • Yeah, no gun shots last night and he got a good night sleep. No worries about teh beer virus, no worries about finding a new job once he can go back to work, bitch slapping a karen when she assaults him about no mask… Phils not in a foul mood.


  2. Working on travel trailers and RVs, they have a lot of blind screws too and if I ever come across an installer or line grunt, or an RV engineer I am gonna cut his penis off and make him eat it. Why da fuck do they need blind screws? Assholes the lot of them!


  3. Magnets as screw locators?

    I can rebuild million-dollar air and gas compressors, but I suck at carpentry.
    I’ve built some crates to house double-acting compressor parts at refineries,
    which keep rebuild kits for repairs jobs and shutdowns. They house pistons,
    valves, gaskets. packing, wipers, etc. They also have lower-end kits, but that
    is basic rough carpentry. I couldn’t do finish work if you put a gun to my head,
    but this technique looks pretty cool!


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  5. Not a problem I usually face, but here’s an idea from my lane. I occasionally have to look for metal items concealed in furniture without destroying it in the process. I took a powerful neodymium wafer or disk magnet about 1.5-2″ in diameter, epoxied it into a similarly-sized pvc elbow (makes a great simple hand grip), and put a felt sticker pad on the bottom. It runs over the target smoothly and quickly lets you know if anything metal is hiding out of sight. Easy-Peasy.


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