17 thoughts on “Fuck This, Fuck That, Fuck Those And Fuck Your Mask Too

  1. Oh, I would have eggs and milk and orange and the gallon jugs of barbecue sauce and thrown them down hard… Iffn’ ya gonna make a mess, make the best mess ya can!


  2. Ifn ewer buy-in the beer mr. white boy, or black guy, I really don’t give -a-phuck, long as you act as a human, (meaning taking responsibility for your actions) eye’ll take one, brand not stated cause I don’t give-a-phuck.Yup, you guessed it, I’m one of the deplorables , the proud dirt people that attempts to feed the rest of the fucktards that can’t even open a can of soup…… Have eye told ya that I preciate your blog mr. Phil?


      • never gained the taste for corn, other than on the cob, was always partial to rye though, and yup, I always sample the seed….. gotta make sure it’s good for the rest of us deplorable types……


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