Pretty Much

Especially these days when it’s easier to order something on line than it is to get in your car and drive straight into a fucking mad house full of Karens and rabid Sheeple.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Much

  1. I have ordered a few things online and had them delivered, I am kinda liking it, no gas, no karens and assholes worse then me that I have to thump and ridicule… win, win.


  2. Borepatch once referred to “The big brown truck of happiness” with “Santa in a brown suit”, and I’ve been using the terms ever since. Where I live any big box shopping is 90 miles away, so we keep lists for our infrequent trips. I’ve always said I can live anywhere if I can get two things: 1. a broadband internet connection, and 2. The above pictured delivery systems.


  3. I designed the drivers seats for the UPS, Fed Ex and USPS. Was asked to help design a seat for new delivery vehicle for Amazon (Rivian is vehicle contractor). Their purchasing dept wants to buy the seat for $19. We said have a nice day.



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