14 thoughts on “Don’t Even Bother Making Any Plans For July

  1. Come on, Phil! It has to be a cosmic disaster. What with COVID sputtering, murder hornets didn’t work and the riots are turning into a backwards step, it HAS to happen.
    Lord help us if California slid into the ocean, it would take away too many Democrats and illegal voters.
    I believe many of us called this last summer.


    • I live in this fucked up state just 15 miles North of the San Andreas
      Fault Line. The coastal cities are behind enemy lines but Burnt
      Scrotum CA is as red as a Baboons ass. Even I dream about
      the coastal cities sliding into the Pacific Ocean, but I doubt that
      will ever happen. But if it does, I would gladly risk getting shit-
      hammered by an earthquake and if I survive it would be great
      to enjoy some saltwater fishing and see the Donks collapse as
      a national political party!


  2. Every year we get with one of these asteroid or comet doomsday stories,
    and ever year, it never happens. It is all about the mass. The really big ones
    never hit because their mass works to slingshot them around the planet.
    A “near miss” in astronomical terms can mean tens of millions of miles,
    which would be outside moons orbit.

    OK, we a have a crater shaped depression in the Gulf of Mexico that
    supposedly explains the dinosaur die-off about 75 million years ago.
    This is total bullshit! The fossil record is a reasonably accurate measure
    of time and about that time, there was a layer of carbon. The deeper
    one gets the farther back in time you go. If a cometary impact took
    out the dinosaurs, explain why the Megafauna was down to 13 species
    before the carbon deposition?

    Logic dictates that something was killing them off before the alleged impact.
    and carbon deposition can easily be explained by large wildfires and volcanic


      • That is actually a theory that sane Paleontologist have put forth to
        account for the dinosaur die-off. If it was not a virus or disease,
        others think a long period of extreme activity may have frozen them
        to death in a so-called “nuclear winter” scenario.

        Either way, it does a better job of explaining the die-off before the
        carbon deposition. If I were in the field, I might look for a thicker
        carbon layer below the one that supposedly killed off the last 13
        species of Megafauna.


  3. I just remembered, as it would affect more Red States, perhaps the Dems will invoke the Yosemite Super Volcano.
    Remember: crisis, crisis , crisis! So what are the little blue buggers doing right now they don’t want anyone to notice?


  4. Needs to be WAYYY BIGGGER! Like the size of Texas. It’s the only way to be sure this planet gets the thorough cleaning it so desperately needs. Perhaps the next dominant species will have a bit more sense than ours.
    SMOD 2020!
    No Policies.
    No Politics,
    No People.
    No Problem!


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