Damn I’m Getting Old!

I can actually remember seeing these back in the day.

Back in the 90’s, there was some guy that lived about ten or twelve miles out of the little town I lived in that had three of these things sitting outside his garage. I can only imagine that he was trying to put one back together using the parts from them.

They were as rare as hen’s teeth even then.

7 thoughts on “Damn I’m Getting Old!

  1. These fuckers were known as the slowest car on the water and the fastest
    boat on the road. The top speed was about 7 Knots and were powered by
    a 1.3 to 1,5-liter Triumph inline 4. LBJ owned one and he would scare the
    shit out of his guests, by driving it into a lake!


  2. My first encounter with one was back in ’61 at Lago de Garda (Italy), when my family watched one drive down the boat ramp into the water. Freaked out my dad for a few seconds!!


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