11 thoughts on “Damn, I Wish I Had Thought Of That!

  1. Used to do that with customer circuit boards at Keytronic, we’d get the grungy boards back from Restaurant Data Services (from McDonalds, etc.) that had two all beef patties, special sauce, letuce, cheese, AND the sesame seeds from the bun just under the keytops (along wiyth an occasional dead roach), and it was cheaper for the Company to pay us 15 cents apiece to take ’em home and use the dishwasher to thoroughly clean ’em. Yes, the circuit boards were Humisealed and therefore were essentially waterproof. This stopped after the “keyboard condom” was developed that you see at restaurants nowadays.

    Hey, whatever works!


    • I remember doing that when I worked at Keytronics. That brings back some memories. I would bring a couple bags home on Friday, wash them and then take them back on Mondays. I made enough to pay for gas that week.


  2. That is how I cleaned AK mags back in the day. Full of Cosmoline? Slap those puppies in there and Cosmo is gone. At least on the mags. Inside the dishwasher not so much. Just run it empty after with Cascade and high heat and it will be gone. Wife unit never the wiser. She did ask about the smell…. must be wiring or something, just use it and it should clear


  3. I bought an old AK years ago that was all beat up. Sanded the wood and re-stained it Russian red. Painted the metal bits with appliance epoxy paint, then baked it in the oven. Nice durable paint, and baking it took the gloss off, leaving it a nice satin finish. Best part: the wife actually gave permission to use the oven. Yep, she’s a keeper.


  4. Years back when the mechanical timer switch in a friend’s aged dishwasher failed, a new one went in the kitchen and the old one went into the garage. He put T fittings into the clothes washer connection in the garage and mounted a switch box on the door to control the functions manually. You had to pay attention to filling it or it would overflow, and you couldn’t leave because on-off/draining/etc. were all manual, but damn it was handy. Lasted for years until he ran a couple cycles with Varsol and ruined the pump seals. I’ve often thought someone needs to make a really cheap, simple dishwasher for garage use.


  5. On another note, they say the dishwasher is a really good place to cook fish that is vacuum sealed.
    Makes sense, but I never tried it though


  6. Heh! If I did that and was seen doing so by da whyfe, I would be in the dog house for a month. NEVER mess with the woman’s kitchen (or laundry) if you value your marriage.


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