The Tactical Hermit Blog Is Going Away

This saddens me to announce but I wish our friend and ally the best of luck in all his endeavors here in the future.

He doesn’t allow comments on his blog so do me a solid here.

Go spend some time and see what you have been missing and then HAMMER his Like buttons!

The Tactical Hermit

Saying Farewell

 in Current Events and tagged Farewell

After some some discussion and deep reflection I have decided to end the Tactical Hermit Blog as of July 1.

My decision was based primarily on my desire to devote more time to my fiction writing with the goal of getting published soon.

Since I created this Blog to ARM the everyday Martial Civilian with practical/tactical knowledge, ALL of TTH’s archived material will be exported over to my Friend and Brother-in-arms NC Scout over at American Partisan.

So PLEASE make sure and show your Financial Support to American Partisan and the Radio Contra Podcast.

I would also urge you to register for a training class with NC Scout ASAP. No better way to spend your money right now than to Sharpen the Readiness Edge!

Lastly, I want to Thank all my loyal supporters and readers, it truly has been a HOOT! I couldn’t have done any of this without you! I truly hope TTH has been a resource that has assisted you in keeping the proverbial edge sharp as a razor!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous and Until we meet again, Keep Your Nose in the Wind and your Eyes along the Skyline.

-The Tactical Hermit

6 thoughts on “The Tactical Hermit Blog Is Going Away

  1. He should keep the blog updated with his progress on the fiction, and use it as a venue to keep his followers informed when he does get things published…



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