Well Whaddaya Know!

I mentioned the other day that our Commie Idiot Governor finally managed to go so far as to finally piss The Wifely Unit off when he threw down his latest Royal Decree stating everyone has to wear face masks out in public now. Some 100+ days after this whole Kung Flooey bullshit actually started.

I wasn’t kidding.

Since all of this Lock Down and Social Distancing shit started, she has been forced to forgo her usual once a week shopping trip and has had to really knuckle down and do some serious shopping. It’s not even close to where I want it to be but I’ll take any progress I can get and am actually quite proud of her for stepping up to the plate

To say that she is unhappy about her little routine being messed with is a major understatement. She was already pissed about that in the first place and then ‘Ol Dumbass Jay stepped across the line in her book.

I distinctly remember trying to talk her into either having groceries delivered or at least calling it in so that all she had to do was go pick them up.

Oh Hell No!

The excuses flowed like water so I said Fuck It, Whatever and dropped the subject.

All that went right out the fucking window as of yesterday when this new mandatory face mask bullshit took effect.

Last night she is doing her homework and trying to get a pick up order figured out at the Wally World she goes to. There was much bitching and complaining. It seems there is a big difference between that and a delivery order. So she fought with it last night and again this morning, scheduling two pick ups, another at a Safeway because ‘Ol Wally doesn’t have everything she wants. It took her a while and she wasn’t sure it was all going to go as planned but she just got back home a few minutes ago and is now a changed woman.

Fucking LOVED it.

No muss, no fuss, pull up, call them to let them know she is there, they come out and load everything in the car for her and Have A Nice Day.

When she got home and we started to unload the car, she even found a little extra Gift Bag they had tossed in with some goodies in it. Some candy bars, some kind of Hair product and some other shit.

It didn’t even cost her anything for this extra service.

I have a convert on my hands now boys.

24 thoughts on “Well Whaddaya Know!

  1. Even if she won’t admit that you have been accurate with everything you have been talking about over the last several years, the change is a Major victory.

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    • Damn right it is. She just has to get inconvenienced enough to get pissed off before she will entertain alternative strategies apparently.
      I’ll take it however she gets there as long as none of my hide or blood is involved in the equation.


  2. We have been doing the Wally World pick-up ever since the Covid thing got going. Couple of months ago there was a lot of substitution because they were out of stuff up here in the AZ boonies but it is gradually getting better. You are right…No muss no fuss and no people contact for us old farts.

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      • There is that, but the entertainment value has diminished over the years due to getting inured to it. Been there, done that, seen the elephant in the tutu. Yawn!


  3. Glad it is working out but get ready for the depression to set in when this Wuhan Flu thing is finally buried and done for (along with a few governors and senators) for good.

    All these stores will instantly drop the extra levels of service, gotta watch the bottom line and everything, everything has an associated cost.


    • I agree but right at the moment I think it actually benefits them as much as it does their customers. Either way I can see taking advantage of it while it lasts.


  4. I’m going to wear some pretty pink panties and a clown wig to the Sack N’ Save with a Russian hockey jersey just for laughs.
    I wore the Black Death on tour shirt with a big rat on the front and “tour dates” on the back and there reactions were mixed.
    Disciples of Saint George the Immaculate took offense while one guy laughed hysterically and said that mofo is crazy.
    I loved it!

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  5. Now for you know, she is gonna expect that behavior from you, oh honey fetch my slippers and deliver them to my couch, oh Phil, I am out of this color nail polish, be a dear and get me some more from my side of the bathroom sink. Once that genie is out of the bag it is hard to stuff his ass back in…. I will TELL YA SO when the time is right. And she is gonna expect that little gift bag too from you and it ain’t gonna be no little chocolates.

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    • Lemme tell ya, I am acutely aware of what a lucky fucker I am to have her.
      I ain’t easy to put up with on a good day. That oughtta tell ya, you don’t fuck with my old lady, she don’t put up with anybody’s shit.


  6. Now that she got her toes wet, encourage her to place an order from Wally
    World online. Once you hit 35 or so dollars, it comes with free delivery.
    You cannot walk out of a grocery without spending more than 40 dollars.

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    • I must not have articulated it properly. That is what she wound up doing was ordering everything on line. That’s where all the angst and confusion kept coming from. Their computer system kept trying to treat her pick up order as a delivery order and telling her that there were things that she couldn’t place an order for .
      Back and forth with that until she finally got it straight. I’m pretty sure that we are outside the boundaries of where that store will deliver as there is another one a mile away from us. She won’t shop at that one because it doesn’t carry the items she wants. As crazy as it sounds to me anyway, they stock different items at these stores so you can’t just run to the other one all the time if one is out of something.


      • The one thing I don’t understand about Walmart is why some
        products are listed as in-store only that cannot be bought
        for delivery. Also, if you order a number of items, part of the
        order is from local stores and others come from Las Vegas or
        Reno. I guess it depends on what’s on the shelves and where.


  7. Let’s see,
    Wally World
    Home Depot
    Miki D’s
    All that kind of stuff is 200 miles away and over some bumpy-ass torn up roads.
    But damn I’m lucky and it’s really quiet here.
    I get to town a couple times a year.


  8. If my ole lady did that, a major part of her life would be gone.
    Woman can spend more time in a Mallmart than most managers.


  9. I just read people can use the ADA to bypass the mask requirement. Just say you cannot wear due to medical condition. You cannot be forced to disclose the condition and if they try to deny you service, you can report them and they may be fined up to $75k. I’m going to try this!


    • Yeah, listen to internet lawyers to get the best possible legal advise. You might start by learning that HIPA laws only apply to medical providers, not anyone else. BYROWYBS.
      HAHAHA, you a funny guy, you make me laugh.


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