Things Are Gettin’ Squirrelly

Life in The ‘Burbs around here seem to be lately anyways..

For the third time in about a month I have heard gunfire going off late at night briefly.

The first two times I just happen to be out front smoking a cigarette around two, two thirty and I hear five gunshots in a row, both times. A couple of weeks apart, just dumb luck I happened to be outside both times.

I could tell they were at least a mile away but still.

It’s something I sure as fuck take note of.

Here a few minutes ago, at one thirty, I heard one and then just a split second later, three more in rapid succession. It wasn’t fireworks either for damn sure.

This time they were within less than a thousand feet I’d guess. Maybe even closer

It’s kind of hard to tell because I was in the house this time but they were sure as fuck gun shots and they weren’t that far away.

I snagged a handful and my phone plus a cigarette and went out front to see if I could hear some kind of ruckus but only once kind of caught a bit of something off to the West of me, the same direction I heard the shots from.

This kind of shit I could do without.

17 thoughts on “Things Are Gettin’ Squirrelly

  1. Man, I can only wonder what the neighborhood thinks about me.
    Rattled off a couple of hundred rounds in my back yard yesterday evening.


  2. I seen the news articles on the stacks of fireworks being pre-positioned in the major cities, just like the brick pallets. I wonder if it’s cover for shooting in cities with gunshot tracking systems. I live far enough out that if I hear shooting, it’s the neighbors prepping for antifa visitors.


  3. Not that this is anything certain, but over the past week there have been break ins at two fireworks merchant facilities in South Bend, both were cleaned out of over $10K worth of merchandise. That takes a good size box van to move in each case, separate events about 1 week apart and to all appearances was very professionally done. In both cases it was locks cut or rear entry doors smashed in.

    Now you have me thinking that this is where the “pre positioned” stashes of pyrotechnics are coming from and being so close to Chicago, a likely destination. The smaller towns around here (150K or less) are not good targets other than to steal from.

    Stay vigilant and get to know your local sheriff and area patrol persons, if on a first name basis, so much the better. Also talk to the neighbors to have them be aware and prepared for outsiders showing up unexpectedly.


  4. So what is it like living in a two way range Phil? Even where I live I have gotten to wear my pistola open-carry as it seems like a lot of men and women are doing that lately. I even started carrying my tactical shotgun in my truck.

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  5. I live in a rural town with nearly no crime.

    Recently we have had bands of natives from the nearest reserve wandering the streets. Even had to deal with them coming into the yard and checking vehicles to see if they are locked. Since March there has been 6 break ins in our town. The other day two of the groups of natives got into an argument of who could panhandle in our town. It got so violent that one women stabbed another man to death.

    Of course the RCMP do squat about the rising violence, evidently its part of their culture to fight in the street and rob.


  6. It’s very prudent to carry 24/7 nowadays. I switch off between a couple pistols so I can wipe them down after a week on my person. Function checks; all those good things. Dry fire, daily. Range work, every other week. Training ammo (same weight as my ‘real world’) is still somewhat inexpensive to buy, so there’s that.

    We’ve been hearing an unusual uptick of fireworks; the big boys – in the last month. Usually that starts about a week and a half before the 4th. This year, it’s all from one direction.

    Heads on swivels, fellas!


  7. Out here in Burnt Scrotum Marxifornia, there is a total ban on fireworks. Every
    fucking year as the 4th of July comes near this place sounds like a war zone!
    I can’t get a better view of ariel fireworks displays put on by the back yard bandits
    than any professional fireworks display, I ever saw in my life.


  8. Phil, back in 1990-2000 I lived in NOrth Portland. Since The Projects were only 6 blocks away, I would hear gunfire and squealing tires at least three times a week. You get used to it, but don’t have to like it!
    And of course, I couldn’t carry. Glad I moved back to Spokane, glad Cederq is safely ensconced in Idaho…

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    • I was safely ensconced in South Dakota too, only worries was the somalians from mogiaapolis coming west. there was enough rural country between the Minnesotan Rednecks and us they would have first crack…


    • Talking with my ex wife who lives in Spokane it ain’t as bad as Portland or Seattle but it ain’t paradise either. “is safely ensconced in Idaho…” I can be ya’ll’s retreat position.


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