Leonard Sends

You may recall me tearing up those idiots down in Lincoln County Oregon the other day after they passed some bullshit resolution declaring that everyone had to wear face masks, only if you were White.

Leonard just sent me this Youtube that really gives that subject the ass tearing it really deserves, from a Black viewpoint.

I got a serious kick out of these two guys.

9 thoughts on “Leonard Sends

  1. Those two are funny as hell. They did one on the Bubba Wallace “noose” hoax and they said “Did you see how small that thing was? You couldn’t hang a black gerbel with that thing.”

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  2. The county has since recinded the “people of Color” part of the mandate, because of this bullshit:
    I’m calling total bullshit on this article. I believe this was a made up bunch of crap. I know one of the county commissioners and have asked her about it. She hasn’t returned my email as of this morning , so I sent her the youtube video this morning.
    We’ll see what happens. I’m not holding my breath.

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