Get The Fuck Off My Lawn Punks!

You’re all spoiled brats.

Try this shit and then come talk to me.

Probably don’t even know what they are for cryin’ out loud.

15 thoughts on “Get The Fuck Off My Lawn Punks!

  1. My ’02 Durango is transitional. It plays both CD’s and cassettes but no USB or Aux. My son borrowed it a while back and bought a cassette adapter so he could play his Iphone.


  2. I use to have one of those Kenwood Multi CD player, a real bitch mounting them in a single cab pickup, ya had to stop and jack the seat forward and contort yourself to pull out the caddy. Of course I had the cassette, 8-track and even older a 4-track player, the one where the wheel slide up and engaged the tape drive…


  3. Back in the 90’s a friend bought a caddy at a police auction. It had an 8 track, cow hide interior (looked like a Holstein inside), plus had the cow horns on the hood, the exterior was a metallic purple color. We used to joke it was seized from a pimp.

    He scoured every pawn shop and flea market for 8 tracks to play in it. He even found some vintage heavy metal ones.


    • We had a beater late ’70’s Lincoln with an 8-track. Best place to score tapes for it was Goodwill. Even found out you can get current top 40 music on 8-track. It’s all bootleg pirate recordings out of Mexico though. The deck was still working fine when the car died beyond recovery.
      That car was a joy to work on though. Rebuilt parts were dirt cheap–G.I.Joes at Jantzen Beach–does that take you back? The hood was the size of a queen bed, room to crawl in beside the engine with a beer cooler on the side. And smooth on the road; at speed it just floated along.


      • Hell YES! A dry pencil eraser also works wonders on gold and
        silver card edge contacts. I really miss the old trichloroethane
        based carb cleaners. You could wash down a computer mother-
        board, CPU heat sink, or video card and finish it off with an air
        nozzle and make it as good as new in minutes!

        Leave it to the fucking bunny and tree huggers to deprive us of the
        best ways of improving our lives. We lost CFCs, PCB’s DDT,
        chemical solvent tanks, hot tanks, and even Chrysotile Asbestos
        which is benign as cotton candy.

        I worked in a paper mill that was forced by Marxifornia to use
        hot soapy water to replace a solvent tank. Since I have always
        been the turd in a punchbowl, I stood up at a meeting and said that
        you might as well pull out your dick and piss on the parts and it
        would do a better job than the mandated shit we were forced to


  4. I don’t know how many 8-tracks I tossed out while driving through the farmland.
    If I hear certain old songs on the radio (like Roundabout) my mind still hears the fade and *kachunk* right in the middle of it.


    • Yeah, nuttin’ like it changing track/direction in the middle of the song. You didn’t have to like it, but it sure beat flipping the record over!


      • The main problem with 4 and 8 (apart from shitty dynamic range)
        was those chickenshit foam rubber pads that held the tape to the
        playback head. I rebuilt hundreds of them back when they were
        the only options on the road!


  5. Not one of those infantile snowflakes could ever master the 8-Track Tape Snap. Hell, 7 out of 10 probably can’t change a flat tire FFS…


    • So TL pulls into a gas station, sees a bunhead mulling around outside his car. He tells her the battery on his smart key died and he can’t get into his car.

      TL takes the smart key, sticks it in the lock and opens the door, and walks away without saying a word.


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