Fear Not, It’s Going To Be 2016 All Over Again. On Steroids

I found a link to this piece from Whatdoesitmean.com giving some background on the phony polls that we are seeing again and where they are actually coming from.

It’s a pretty interesting take down of several Democrat strategies and it pries out their MSM lackeys involvement as a delivery vehicle for their fuckery.

I snipped this section out of the middle of it to highlight but the article starts out by busting the New York Times red handed, (pun intended) trying to push a fake story about Russia paying to put a bounty on our American soldiers heads to the Taliban.

It then ties this into the current election and the phony poll numbers they are all using trying to prop up Grandpa Dementia against the staggering odds of reality.

June 27, 2020

Russian Bogeyman Returns As Trump Faces Same “Battleground Bloodbath” He Did In 2016

…all of the public opinion polls being published about President Trump in America “qualify as propaganda materials” because they fail to honestly and accurately describe how they reached their conclusions.

One such typical example of this being true, this report details, is the Fox News Poll  from this past week that said: “Texas is a tossup, as Democrat Joe Biden tops President Donald Trump by a percentage point, 45-44 percent, in a new Fox News survey of Texas registered voters”—a poll that lies from its very start as it wasn’t conducted by Fox News at all, rather it was “conducted by Braun Research, Inc. of Princeton-New Jersey who did all of the fieldwork”—fieldwork whose laughable unscientific methodology used to conduct this lying poll shows them admitting such absurdities like: “Interviews were conducted June 20-23, 2020 among a random sample of 1,001 Texas voters contacted on landlines (240) and cellphones (761)” while critically not mentioning any of their political party affiliations—and as to why Fox News deceived their readers and viewers about this lying poll, is because they didn’t want them to discover the truth about who they use to do their polls and the reasons why—the brutal reality of which was shockingly exposed last September-2019 in the searing article “Presidential Polling Propaganda” about another leftist polling firm Fox News uses, which factually stated:

This Fox News poll is actually not conducted by Fox, but instead commissioned to Beacon Research and Shaw and Company Research—who hid the fact that the political identification of those surveyed was heavily weighted toward Democrats by 49-39 percent, a ten-point difference.

Calling it a “Fox News Poll” is part of the propaganda, meaning that if Trump’s favorite news network thinks his electoral prospects are nil, then it must be really bad for Trump and his supporters.

With the leader of the rabid Trump-hating neocon warmongers (who are always wrong on everythingBill Kristol optimistically saying about President Trump yesterday: “You look at the polls and think he can’t win”, this report concludes, being kept by the leftist mainstream from the masses of the American people is that new voter registrations for the socialist Democrat Party “have fallen off a cliff” because of what they claim is the coronavirus—but whose truest reason for was recently stunningly revealed by a little noticed ABC News brief that warned: “strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters – at just 24% – is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/Post polls”—a massive lack of enthusiasm for Biden not shared by President Trump, whom 68% of his voters enthusiastically support—which explains why on the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for 25 June, it shows Trump being at 47%, as opposed to Obama being at 45% on this same date just prior to his 2012 reelection victory—an important poll to note because Rasmussen was one of the most accurate polls in the 2016 election—but whose most accurate to the point prediction about the 2016 election was a collaboration poll between Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence—an IBD/TIPP poll conducted and paid for by the world’s top financial analysts, none of whom will accept even the slightest whiff of propaganda in the polls they pay millions-of-dollars for—is why the IBD/TIPP Poll was America’s most accurate national poll in the 200420082012 and 2016 presidential elections, making it the most accurate in each of the last four election cycles—and who this past week posted on their public news page an article titled “TRUMP WILL WIN BIG BECAUSE CIVILIZATION IS AT STAKE”.

So cheer up, I know a lot of people are feeling and even saying that Trump’s chances aren’t looking so good lately. Even the Wifely Unit was saying it yesterday.


My gut keeps telling me that Biden is only being used as a place holder in the first place.

Even Stevie Wonder can see the fucking guy ain’t all there anymore so the Democrats have either got a Bait and Switch up their sleeves or are going to copy the George W. Bush administration trick of having the actual Presidential candidate be a figurehead/ puppet with someone else behind the curtains pulling the strings a la Dick Fucking Cheney.

Either way, Biden’s real support numbers are in a place only a plumber can get to.

20 thoughts on “Fear Not, It’s Going To Be 2016 All Over Again. On Steroids

  1. I haven’t believed the polls since 1992 when polls said Bush would be re-elected. If you torture numbers long enough they will tell you what you want to hear.


  2. :Enter Hillary

    Exit light
    Enter: night
    Grain of sand
    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land
    Yeah ahaaha
    Yeah yeah
    Yo oh
    We’re off to never never land
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land


  3. The other night, I think it was Wednesday, I’m Brett Baier tout “The Latest Fox News Poll” for the 2020 election, he’s putting up ridiculous numbers alluding Biden being 14 points ahead. So I sent him a quick note telling him that Jesse Watters minutes before on The Five reported that the polls are skewed because they are over representing Demonrats while under representing Republicans and Independents. Baier about 2-3 minutes later, puts up a chart showing who they “scientifically” (Baier talked for almost a minute about how the pols used by Fox’s “professional” polling organization are “scientifically constructed” from voter demographics) polled by percentage of registered voters, showing the skew exactly. Apparently there are a lot more registered Demonrats in the country than there are Republicans, by a wide margin, like 18% or so. Go figure. I guess that how Hitlery won in a landslide in 2016. Oh wait…


  4. Rush Limbaugh made a great point the other day regarding these “polls”. They’re designed to do one thing and one thing only. Separate Trump from his supporters. If they continually hear how Trump is far behind Biden they’ll have no choice but to stay home and let the defeat occur. Phox Nooz top of the hour report on the radio gleefully points out these bogus poll numbers all day, every day. Phuck Phox Nooz


  5. Just a thought. The net time one of those annoying pollsters calls to ask for whom you will vote for in the next election, tell them Joe/Hillery/Mike. Tell them anyone but Donald. Trump’s team already knows who will be voting for him and does not need any poling. The DNC on the other hand needs the poles to frame their narrative. Throw that wrench into the works.

    You are now a white male that voted for Trump in the last election and are disillusioned and will be voting for the donkey this time.


    • Great point Scurvy. President Trump has the best ground game
      going. Everyone who attends a rally fills out a questionnaire that
      includes addresses, phone numbers, political affiliation, E-mail
      info, etc. The number of registered Democrats and first-time
      voters are staggering. 40 percent of black voters approve Trump’s
      economic policies. 40 to 60 percent of Hispanics support him and
      he will end up with 50+ percent of the union vote.

      The Donks have painted themselves into a mostly coastal elite
      corner and all that is left is a coalition of mostly victim classes
      They pander to the minorities even though they haven’t done
      jack shit except come around every two years and whore
      themselves for their votes. With eight years in office, Ubangi
      did nothing to improve the lives of minorities. Real gains
      came from Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation.

      If even 25 percent of blacks vote for President Trump, it will
      be game over for the Democrats!


  6. I think 2020 is going to look like the 60s and 70s again. I remember the
    last time the radical left threw a violent temper tantrum. It led to two
    massive landslides for Richard Nixon as president and two massive
    landslides as governor of California by Reagan. In those days the left
    was taking over college campuses and burning down draft centers.
    Governor Reagan called out the National Guard for some nightstick
    practice against these leftist hippies.

    I seriously think that the Democrat party is overplaying their hand and
    it will come back to bite them on the ass. In times of civil unrest, the
    American people always vote for strong leaders. Letting these punks
    have free reign in cities and calling for the defunding of police is not
    even going over well in the ghettos and barrios. Meanwhile, the
    Trump tax cuts and regulatory reform is still benefitting inner-city
    blacks. A Rassmussen poll shows black support for President
    Trump’s economic reforms at 40 percent. If that relates just 25
    percent of the black vote in November, it will be GAME OVER for
    the Democrat party!

    The majority of American likely voters know that Gropy Joe has a
    serious case of smog in his noggin and a single debate gaffe flurry
    will seal his fate. The Democrat Party is the closest thing we have
    to a European style coalition party that has devolved into a menagerie
    of voting blocs of mainly victim classes. A loss of 5-10 percent with
    blacks, Hispanics, and union voters above historical averages will
    doom the Donks in November. All three of these groups are
    supporting Trump well above the historical averages.

    Then consider the Walk Away campaign, Blexit, Jexit, neo-conservative
    Bloggers, radio talk show hosts, and Youtube stars you end up with
    what Arlo Guthrie called “a movement.” Larry Elder has a blockbuster
    documentary called Uncle Tom that is selling like hotcakes. The
    American people (including a lot of minorities) are waking up and
    walking away from the new Democrat plantation.

    Leo Tyrell (a former radical) black civil rights attorney is starting to
    sound like Rush Limbaugh since these riots began. The left is losing
    support across the board since this national temper tantrum started
    and it all plays right into President Trump’s hand. I doubt it will
    even be close in November.


      • I’m expecting hi-jinks and shenanigans by Antifa types outside the polls, a la the intimidation in Philadelphia a couple of cycles ago.


      • Voter fraud is a pandemic in the Democrat party, but there is an
        old saying that says, if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat. Voter fraud
        only works in close races. If the Donks get too bold, the fraud is
        too obvious. If there are more Democrat votes than the number
        of registered voters in any given district, it sends off signal flares.

        The problem is that Democrats are one-dimensional thinkers.
        It takes a lot of finesse to pull it off without raising attention.
        There are about 700,000 people in any given congressional
        district. Not all of them are registered, voters. If they go too far,
        they will get caught. The answer to this problem lies with the
        poll watchers, and you can bet your ass the Trump administration
        and the GOP will be challenging millions of fraudulent votes!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I was thinking about this while I was making breakfast and just may yet turn it into a blog post.
          I seriously don’t think these idiots have thought their little Mail In Vote scam completely through. For the reasons Leonard lays out above, if they DO get caught scamming a Mail In election they have just fucked themselves for ever and ever, AMEN!
          At that point, not only have they violated Election laws, they are now subject to Conspiracy To Commit Mail Fraud charges and subsequent RICO investigations. Last I heard, a conviction for Mail Fraud was twenty years.


  7. It doesn’t matter either way.
    This one…ends VERY badly, no matter “the winner.”
    And thats what you need to prepare for.

    Thats the 10$ bet in this house anyway.


  8. I predicted there would be political violence in the lead up to the 2020
    elections back in the Sring of 2017. I am confident that Trump will be
    reelected but things are going to get a lot worse. Political violence
    by the left started in the Clinton years (1992 and 1996.) It got
    worse under Ubangi (2008 and 2012.) By the 2016 election, the
    DNC and the Hillary campaign were orchestrating violence at
    Trump rallies.

    If (when) Trump is reelected the shit is really going to hit the fan.
    As Bachman Turner Overdrive put it, You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.


  9. I don’t trust any poll anymore because while figures don’t lie, lairs can figure. Poll numbers are biased by the questions and by whom is polled. Bret can put up anything he wants but it doesn’t change the fact he’s just as phony.


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