We Are Everywhere

Don’t fucking tell me what to do.

Then again, there’s rebellious and then there’s let’s have a little common sense here partner.

I found this on a website and was like WTF?

When I was around 12, I was neglecting to flush my piss. Too busy playing armored core. So my dear mother brings me into the bathroom, and tells me if I don’t flush next time, she’s going to dip my hands in the piss. I looked at her, made a hammer fist, smashed it in the toilet, covered myself in piss, only a little on her(thank god.)

I wasn’t even a malicious child, just salivated at the opportunity to show I could withstand the punishment and was thus unafraid.

It’s these kind of people you have to watch out for.

3 thoughts on “We Are Everywhere

  1. Had I done that, I would’ve had a 35% chance of not seeing the next day. A real “dodge this” moment. Cause what mom didn’t beat out of me, dad would find and finish off.

    But I didn’t get to play that much anyway. Too many chores to get done before play time.


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