Who Knew Fishing Was So Racist?

Damn, I opened up my Tackle Box this morning and discovered it was full of nooses!

Yeah, this is for you hypersensitive twatwaffles out there.

10 thoughts on “Who Knew Fishing Was So Racist?

  1. Damn, us whities are just damn racist all the way around… Then we need to change the color of tar, lets food dye it pink so those of color don’t feel offended when we pour it on them. They’ll think they are at a pink-pussy-hat protest.

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  2. Well, shit, I guess I’m a raycissss because of what I have for fishing gear, may as well turn in my white privilege amex because I’ve been working for the last 40 plus years. That I don’t have anyway.


    Nope, I am who I am, and that has nothing to do with skin color, so you can fuck off, bubba wallace.


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