The NWO Lays Their Cards On The Table Finally. In The Midst Of This Chaos, They Have Been Slow Rolling A World Wide Economic Reset Of Capitalism Plan

I have lost count of how many times I have said that when shit starts going crazy, start looking for what it is they don’t want you to see. Well here it is.

Even better, get a load of who is pushing this crap and the reason they are giving for destroying capitalism in it’s current form.

Al Fucking Gore, The United Nations and a bunch of other NWO Deep State motherfuckers and they are still trying to cram Climate Change up our asses!

Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding ‘Great Reset’ of global capitalism

These are truly dangerous times for those who support individual liberty and free markets

By Justin HaskinsFOXBusiness

The economic, social and political chaos caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and Black Lives Matter protests have for months captured the attention of virtually every American — and for good reason. These are incredibly important issues worthy of significant and thoughtful debate.

But while most Americans have been preoccupied with protests and pandemics, a potentially bigger story has managed to slip beneath the radar: a growing movement among the world’s most powerful leaders to call for a “reset” of the entire global economy.

At a meeting hosted by the highly influential World Economic Forum earlier in June, powerful officials from nonprofits, government, business, academia, labor unions and activist groups announced their plan for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism. It’s a proposal they acknowledged has only been made possible because of the “opportunity” provided by the economic destruction caused by the novel coronavirus.

Supporters and attendees of the meeting included Prince Charles; António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations; Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard; Bernard Looney, CEO of BP; and Gina Gopinath, the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, among many others.

The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions

In an article published on the World Economic Forum’s website, Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of WEF, wrote of the Great Reset, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

The WEF meeting featured a powerful line-up of global leaders, all of whom seemingly agreed the Great Reset is necessary to “rebalance economies,” promote “fairness,” and create greater “equity” within societies and among nations.

The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions. Among other things, Schwab has said of the Great Reset, “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

There is more at the link.

I have been hearing rumors of an economic reset for well over a year now.

Looks like there was some truth behind them.

I’m thinking that after we finish the business at hand that we need to go medieval on these fucking assholes.

9 thoughts on “The NWO Lays Their Cards On The Table Finally. In The Midst Of This Chaos, They Have Been Slow Rolling A World Wide Economic Reset Of Capitalism Plan

  1. Saddle up boys, it’s gonna be cowboys and all the assholes elites of the world! Globull reset, that means slave labor camps and living with no electricity, no heat and little food for us deplorables. When can we start shooting the bastards? Ya wanna have fun? UN Blue is easy to spot for the human eye…

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  2. China and many others would pay lip service to their game but would NEVER actually play. One fact I can guarantee you, the U.S.A. is the one with a big bullseye painted on her. All others are just vultures circling til she dies.
    Question is, will we allow it to happen? Can we prevent it?


    • Well, “somebody” said that” power comes from a barrel of a gun”, so I’m saddling up.

      Listened to Glenn Beck lately? How about over the last 10 years? He predicted all this, but wasn’t prepared for how quickly it has happened. Frightening!

      Stand ready.


  3. What percentage of people with USA passports are actually commies, believe they want communism, and when the opportunity arises will play for the commie team by voting or snitching? The military function of that bystander recording you with their smart phone is ‘scout’. Start a mass movement to take the license tag off your car.

    ‘Libertarian’ is the correct name for the political beliefs of a non-enemy. Having neighbors won’t be safe until all the neighbors are libertarians. Sadly, relatively few humans voluntarily convert from commie busybody parasites to libertarians.


  4. “When the English began to hate” Kipling. I lost all my White Guilt in June 2020. I don’t give one rats ass for BLM commies, LA Raza, SPLC jack wagons or any other of the multitude of racial hustlers plying their trade of victimhood. Note when the afflicted finally come out of their living rooms and tell the perpetually offended to get off my lawn and back that up with 3000 fps Freedom Pills will this BS stop. It’s going to take the elected government to stop this or it is going to take the common man. The common man will not stop at the agitators, they will duly un-elect (see Freedom Pills) the public servants who F’d them over.

    Spin Drift
    War to the knife and knife to the hilt.


  5. The only thing seen here as correct is the US has always had a bullseye on its back.
    That and history shows anyone trying to put the fatal bullet there is now dead or
    official loosers for the effort. Its allways been that way.

    The rest is just noise.



  6. There really are only two retrograde forces working against capitalist
    nations; The collectivists and the followers of the pedophile prophet.
    I don’t worry about about the internal threat from the left because
    they lack the numbers to carry out an actual armed revolution and
    they shot their wad by trying to carry one out too soon.

    I have also never followed the one-world government conspiracies.
    Every empire eventually dies due to overextension like the Brits
    and the Romans. All coercive confederations like the USSR and
    EU is doomed to fail as well. If any nation cedes its national
    sovereignty to some central government that will cause the politicians
    (or the people) to eventually do what is in the interest of its own
    nation. Very few people saw the collapse of the USSR coming,
    but I knew that the EU was doomed before the signatures were
    dry. The Brits were the first, but they are not the last. Italy, Poland,
    Hungary and others will soon follow suit.

    I cannot join the “we are doomed” crowd because that would mean
    giving up. At best the radical left consists of about 7 percent of the
    population and 80 percent of these Millennial soy boys and soy
    girls have never fired a gun in their lives, and a lowly PFC knows
    more about combat tactics than these idiot liberal arts majors!

    Put the remaining 2 percent (the ones with balls enough to grab
    a gun and hit the streets) against the real citizen militia, (the
    armed populace) and most of them will shit their pants when
    the bullets start to fly. These Walter Mitty soldiers are brain-
    washed idealists who are less threatening than a baby kitten.

    I used to listen to the Brian Suits show. He is a former special
    operator who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. After he watched
    a few of those comical videos featuring terrorist on makeshift
    obstacle courses, he had a few comments;

    “The difference between them and us is that they train to get it
    right and we train so as to not get it wrong.”

    The other was downright amusing: “I have never seen monkey-
    bars on a battlefield.”

    This is why I remain optimistic about America’s future. It’s going to
    take lot more than a ragtag group of minor league Marxists to bring
    this country down!


  7. The Bowel Movement is worth zero. Matter if fact..the owe.
    What they are worthy of is, a Good ol’fashion Napalm Strike on there next gathering.


  8. The Gore cabal knows that they have limited time to grab the energy sector by the short hairs under the excuse of climate change. In a few years, we’re going to find out fossil fuels are running dry (fracking was a quick temporary hit) and those energy assets are going to be obviously worth multi-trillions, and it will be a lot harder to pry them out of the hands of the rightful owners. The funny thing is that since the fossil fuels are running out, the climate change things is a non-problem. But this is how the globalist pirates rock.


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