It’s Been There A Long Time But Have You Read It?

That would the Writing On The Wall.

For some reason this old Ted Nugent tune popped into my head out of the blue.

I haven’t heard this in years and always did like this one.

Love him or hate him, ol’ shit my pants to get out of the draft crazy Ted used to make some good music back in the day.

Because y’all been so good to me, here is a bonus track that you will never hear on the radio again in your lifetime.

11 thoughts on “It’s Been There A Long Time But Have You Read It?

  1. The moment I realized that Donald Trump was going to win the election
    was his last rally in Lansing Michigan the night before election day. He
    had Theodious the Atrocious (Ted Nugent) warming up the audience.
    Part of it was the insane pace of his rallies, but Nugent stirred the crowd
    up in ways that even Trump couldn’t. The theme was all about freedom
    and liberty. If Nugent were a leftie, he could stir up a mob within minutes.
    It was unlike any campaign rally I ever saw!


  2. Uncle Ted’s Free For All was the first album I ever owned. Kicked ass in the 70s and still stands the test of time.

    Trivia: That’s Meatloaf singing the lead on both of those tracks above. Ted gave him his big break in the music biz.

    Ted would make a great Sec of the Interior. His love of country, guns, hunting and preservation of our wild areas is second to none and he’s a helluva lot smarter than your average bear.


  3. I saw Nugent at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He was headlining the Malboro Concert Series, back around 2000 – or so. What a show! Bad Company and Greg Allman & friends rounded out the ticket. BEST $20 I ever spent.
    Ted came out on stage and was wailing away, when I looked over to my right and saw a Blackhawk helo hovering 20 feet in the air, about sixty yards out. We couldn’t hear the helo over The Motor City Madman.
    Storm Troopin’, Great White Buffalo, Spirit of the Wild, Terminus Eldorado, Free for All. Man, so many songs I just love the shit outta. And a bad ass outdoors man to boot!

    Whitehall, NY


      • Yep, I am. I live between 5 of the best bar-b-que (no yankee spelling here) joints in Texas. My favorite is the Loco Coyote. That shit is so good and the smell— I even want to eat the building. Equal to Franklin’s in Austin, I just cannot stand Austin to go back. Far as Ted, I don’t disturb him when I see him eating there. I am sure he gets enough attention I leave him in peace.


  4. Long live Uncle Ted!

    Came to the sandbox with Toby Keith in 2004 with the USO and supported the troops…in the combat zone.

    Checkout his interview with Joe Rogan on the ‘Shit the pants’ hoax.

    Turns out he was trolling a Rolling Stone reporter so high as a kite…he could hardly talk. Uncle Ted obliged his ass with fairy tale to make him look stupid. Mission Accomplished.


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