5 thoughts on “Yes Dear, You Look So Much Cuter As A 12 Year Old Boy

  1. I absolutely CANNOT get my wife to grow her hair longer than shoulder length. She whines about split ends. At 65, WHO CARES!?!?


  2. Mine tries and tries but it is so thin and limp it just gets scraggly looking. Thank God she won’t even think about cutting it short like that though.


  3. There are nicer, non-Karen haircuts out there. Of course, part of them not being Karen-class is not to be a Karen. The hot middle-aged latina across the parking lot from me has a nice short haircut, one of those where the hair at the front is longer than at the back. Frames her face and upper chest quite nicely. And she is not a Karen, oh no. If I was single… But then again, if I was single I am sure she would look at me and laugh herself silly if I attempted to chat her up friendly like.

    Though as hot as she is, it’d be worth it just to get shot down.


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