23 thoughts on “Trying To Tell You Something?

    • Seriously, it’s because I’m *highly* allergic to the protein in beans.

      Most beans, anyway, because for some reason I am not allergic to vanilla, which is a bean. Maybe it’s because I LOVE vanilla ice cream and eat a lot of it?

      What do *I* know, I’m just a dumb Engineer. Not an immunologist.


    • Seriously, I’m highly allergic to the protein in beans!

      San you say, “anaphylaxis”? I can until my trachea swells shut…


      • Sure. And why not? Dating myself is cool. Mostly I agree with myself. Best thing I leave my hands off alcohol while dating myself, though. Happened over and again I got into a fight with myself. Even though I won most fights, I better not drink. Besides it’s unromantic.

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    • Still have one in my “graveyard”, along with a Commodore 64, an Atari 400 (that I upgraded), A Timex-Sinclair, and others… That you’ve probably never heard of.
      Kaypro, Osborne, Eagle, etc. – you get the idea.

      And what’s wrong with DOS 2.x, anyway? ;P


      • Daaaang. And I thought my house was where old computers came to die.

        “And what’s wrong with DOS 2.x, anyway?”
        No titty pics for one thing…


      • Remember Atari those days? I think it was 1982 and MS-DOS was still in its infancy when I went to see a friend who had a brand new Atari PC. He was playing „Sherlock Holmes“ and not only were there little black and white pictures of the persons you had to interrogate, but they moved their mouth and SPOKE via that little loudspeaker IBM‘s only used for beeping during startup!!
        It was breathtaking these days! It took the DOS-PC‘s years until there was something comparable.


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