Making A List And Checking It Twice

Since our Full Blown Commie Governor has decided to try one more power grab and decreed everyone in the entire state has to wear a face mask out in public and that starts Friday, I am going shopping today.

The Wifely Unit actually suggested it.

She says if there is something I need or think I may need in the near future, I had better go get it now seeings as I have sworn I’m not going to be wearing a stupid fucking face mask.

And since we live behind enemy lines, we are completely and utterly surrounded by the kind of brain dead Sheeple who go out of their way to virtue signal and try to make everyone else conform to their compliant ways.

It disgusts me to see these beat down motherfuckers who are already starting to resemble refugees and who don’t have the spine to think for themselves and stand up for their beliefs.

I can certainly live without having to verbally rip the face off of some stupid fucking moron who hasn’t got the brains to recognize danger when they see it if I can avoid it.

So I am writing down a list and prioritizing where I need to stop in the order of how large the goods are and what I think I can safely leave in the back of the El Camino without having to worry about it getting swiped. Stuff like bags of BBQ charcoal.

I am probably going to have to make multiple trips because of that.

Extra fasteners, WD-40, engine oil, things that are easier for me to go pick up now and not have to pay shipping costs for later.

The Wifely Unit is just as pissed as I am but has resigned herself to the fact that she has to go grocery shopping and will be forced to wear one of the damned things because she refuses to shop anywhere besides Wally World.

Your choice honey.

I am dead fucking serious when I say I’m not going to comply with this asshole governor’s little last minute power grab.

17 thoughts on “Making A List And Checking It Twice

  1. You could always go out in blackface.
    Just kidding.
    Quite the predicament.
    I sure as hell would avoid in any way possible obeying the decrees of a dictator.


  2. I’m with you. Costco has a mask policy, and I’ve been in there twice without wearing a mask. I’ve been having a hard time keeping from giggling while I’m in there, just waiting for some Karen to tell me to put a mask on.

    BTW, the American’s With Disabilities Act says that you don’t have to wear the damn mask if you have a condition that the mask would affect. Here’s the kicker: the Act also prohibits the store from asking you what your condition is. So if some Karen wants you to wear a mask, tell them you have a condition that prevents you from doing it, and that according to the ADA, you are not obligated to tell them what that condition is. I like to pretend that I have Oppostional Defiance Disorder.

    Suck it Karen’s!


      • I think I can safely say that 99% of us here have that same condition, “Oppostional Defiance Disorder.” We just don’t like authority that has no business or mandate to have authority. BFTYTW X4


    • Right on ,Brother. I’ve been using the exact same sane response since this garbage started everywhere such as at Costco, Walmart, Popeyes and a few other places. Last night it was at 5 Guys and after about 4 minutes of discussion with the mindless, but mandated, employee she finally gave up and took my order. Then I had to deal with a male, not man, Karen in the parking lot who kept trying to scold me about not complying. Had to respond to the little one to put its diaper back on its face to filter the poop coming out over and over again until it finally had the affect of causing it to drive away in frustration.
      It has gotten to be a game more fun than trying to find a politician with a brain and a spine. Unfortunately I haven’t found one yet.


  3. If it’s a criminal offence to not wear a mask you can always just be a criminal. There are different opportunities with being a criminal, especially when you’re out of work. Of course there are some downsides that go along with that line of work…

    Wear a mask & maybe they won’t catch you! 🙂


  4. This reminds me of a personal experience. The sister of my stepmother
    married a guy who spent years buying properties and renting them out. When
    he married her she was a die-hard liberal. When she found out that tenants
    could stave off paying rent for 6 months to avoid eviction, she made Rush
    Limbaugh look like a flaming liberal! I am glad your wifey unit is seeing the


  5. A suggestion, does your wally world offer the online shopping and curbside pick up? I have used that option during this shit storm. Will help keep the wife out of the store.

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    • There is a Wally World exactly one mile from here, I checked and they do offer it. However, my wife, being of Norwegian descent and as stubborn as a rusted out steel bolt stuck in a solid block of aluminum, refuses to shop at that one. She prefers to drive several miles away to another one that she has been shopping at for several years. She has her reasons, one of which is that the two stores do not stock the same items. As strange as that sounds, I found out the hard way that it’s true.
      She also refuses to give up the control she has over what brands she buys or now that I think about it, any control of her shopping habits period.
      She has been pissed off about the whole subject ever since this Kung Flu bullshit started and the panic buying kicked in so that she is now forced to shop for more than one weeks worth of groceries at a time in the first place pisses her off no end.
      I ain’t no dummy, I suggested the same thing you did and was lucky enough to escape with only a mild flesh wound so I just shut the fuck up about it and let her do her thing as she sees fit at this point. I did get spanked for buying a 25 lb bag of Flour and some Food Grade buckets to store it in earlier today but I am done arguing with her about long term food storage. She sure as shit doesn’t have a monopoly on stubbornness, I can guarantee you.


  6. So, if you’re “black” you’re exempt.

    Ok, then.

    What is the minimum legal percentage of “black” heritage necessary to gain the exemption? Simply claim that, and assuming TPTB haven’t completely trashed legally-required procedures (yeah, right…) it’s up to them to prove you wrong.

    Also, does the law stipulate, in established legal terminology with precedent, the precise procedure for approved wearing of a mask, to include the specific materials from which the mask is constructed? I’m thinking “cloth codpiece” here.


  7. There are many varieties of Plague Doctor masks available, as well as patterns to make your own.

    Thinking about doing a simple cloth mask with the “Fuck Inslee” WA-shaped graphic, as well.

    Work *requires* mask, but I’m running a couple different ones:

    and an American flag shemagh. They go well with the wide variety of Hawaiian shirts I’ve been wearing since I was living in Montana 30-odd years back.

    No snivelling so far… just fucking black lung from the combo of recirculated humidity and lint.


  8. Hey Inslee you assfuck, comparing a seat belt law to wearing a mask (cause it’s the law) is nothing but complete horseshit and you fuking know it ….. It is NOT the LAW, never has been and never will be.The legislators are the ONLY ones that can make law – PERIOD. Get the fuc over it you sphincter faced dicksucking asshat……. There, now I feel better, not really, maybe beer will help……


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