WA State Governor Inslee Mandates Face Masks Statewide


Here Governor,

That’s pretty much all I have to say to you about any damn thing anymore.

This Kung Flu bullshit started what, back in fucking FEBRUARY?

And you JUST NOW think masks are necessary, in LATE JUNE?

Suck my dick you fucking idiot.


38 thoughts on “WA State Governor Inslee Mandates Face Masks Statewide

  1. ‘Bout the same shit I told the Florida PTB since the beginning. Try to put a mask on me and I’ll garrote your ass. Got a whole fuckin roll of piano wire.

    Besides, if some REAL shit comes out, I have NBC gas masks for that. Those fuckin’ paper masks are like building a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.


  2. Why is she still holding her position?
    She surrendered her American city to a Terrorist Organization and has actively helped them.



    • Jack, you’re thinking of Durkin, the Seattle mayor, Phil is talking about Inslee, the “governor” of Wa state. Although there isn’t five cents of difference between them.

      I will not comply.


  3. Unlike Brown’s order in Oregon, there doesn’t appear to be an exemption in the order for “People of Color”.
    That will be the subject of at least one of the many lawsuits.


  4. The ULTIMATE defense is the federal Americans with Disability Act. All you
    have to do is declare that you have a disability that prevents you from wearing
    a CO2 rebreather. When they ask you to name the disability, refer them to
    to the HIPAA laws which protect patients records from being disclosed by
    government agencies and private entities.


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  5. I’m with you Phil, I will not comply. So done with this bullshit. What Inslee needs is a louisville slugger upside the head, might knock some sense into him.
    I’m also interested in how we can make this a movement across the nation, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

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    • Lemme tell ya, this is the one that really pissed the Wifely Unit off.
      She just went on a tear on Fuckbook and vows she ain’t apologizing to nobody about it. One of her Libtard relatives said something smart ass to her and she burned that fucking bridge with a vengeance.
      When you have managed to piss off my very conservative yet old fashioned wife, you have just gone too far.
      That is the Red Line right there.
      She is fucking hot now boy.


      • Good for her. Took awhile for my wife to come around and realize it was a big sham, but she’s on board now too.
        Inslee has definitely overstepped his authority. He CANNOT make law. He has said these are mandates/directives. Totally unenforceable. I dare them to fine me.

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        • It’s the fucking Sheeple running the stores ya gotta worry about. Being good little Germans, they will refuse to even let you in the building without a mask on because Deh Fuhrer sez so.
          I’m guessing the cops could give a flying fuck about the whole deal, they have bigger fish to fry instead of wasting their time on obstinate old fuckers like me.


  6. Dimslee can go suck on a zarf, the boy has two working brain cells. If he can’t be bothered fixing the CHOP problem, what the hell thinks he can dictate medical crapola he keeps pulling out of his butt?
    I’m pretty ticked at that waste of skin right now, I tells ya…
    And, no, I *WILL NOT* comply.


      • Hey, the Goobernator of Utah told the mayor of SLC(?) that her idea of everybody wearing mandatory face masks was a bridge too far as far as the Constitution. Of course the Lamestream Media is pushing this…


    • I have to ask egorr, what is a “zarf?” I have mulled it over for a few days after you posted and it was like an itch in the “taint” ya can’t scratch.


        • I wouldn’t know, I drink coffee with a handle. REAL men drink coffee in a cup with a handle. Army and Navy and Marines drink their coffee with two handles… Air Force? I don’t know, maybe they use a “zarf”.


          • Coast Guard uses four handles cuz’ with their little boats in the big ocean they don’t know which way is up and they need all the help they can use…


        • Well, fuck. No matter how old I am, I learn something new every
          day! It looks like a zarf is a perfect vessel for that Foo-foo faggot
          coffee from Starbucks. No real man would ever use one.


  7. Remember back in February when Fauci said, on the daily briefing, that “masks will not stop the spread”(may not be an exact quote, but that’s what he meant)? Then just a couple weeks later unapologetically reversed himself and said “everyone should wear a mask in public”. So, was he lying the first time or the second time? More importantly why was he lying? Which one of these Governors and Mayors (the mayor of my city, a RINO, has issued an everyone must wear a mask in public order) is exceeding their constitutional authority?


  8. Off Topic and sorry to high jack the thread Phil, I wouldn’t have if you had an email address posted (maybe I missed it) but I thought perhaps you’d like to know that V-Dare will be deplatformed on 24-JUN-20. Via WRSA:


    and the actual V Dare article


    At least their host of 20+ years gave them notice instead of blindsiding them.

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  9. As always, FUCK INSLEE.

    Feb 9, I went into the hospital due to a foot infection; surgery on the 10th, out on the 15th. During that time, I was masked twice – on the trip from ER up to the room, and from the room to surgery. When they finally got the labs back (12th, I think), they figured out it was a nastier staph variant, and I was put on Typhoid Harry status: everyone coming in to the room needed to be masked/gloved/gowned. *I* didn’t need a mask.

    So, home before all the PanicDemic, and locked down due to the sliced-open foot, not COVID. Had to return to the hospital for wound care weekly, plus the early March surgery to install stitches, plus the late March/early April stitch removal, plus the extra trips for the original surgeon to inspect the damage. (Doc’s office is in the medical building attached to the hospital, and runs under hospital rules.) Finally get cleared by both Wound Care and the doc for return to work, first week of May.

    *In all that time, the only mask requirement for visitors occurred in the last two weeks of April.*

    *In all that time, no business I went to required masks for customers.* Grocery stores, hardware stores, pawn shops, the rental storage place, LiquorLand, convenience stores, *none*.

    Fucking Spokane Transit buses weren’t even 100% on this. (Engine problems on the van, otherwise I’d not have taken it.)

    I work at a behavioral healthcare provider, and the vast majority of the place has gone phone-appointment-only so far fewer clients, and even *we* didn’t go to masks-required until 4 June.

    This is all in Spokane, BTW. As well, I’m 52, diabetic, hypertensive and was recovering from a nasty infection, so some level of immune compromise on top of the COVID checkmarks.

    Guess who hasn’t even hinted at a fever since getting the staph spooge hosed out of his foot?

    In conclusion, FUCK INSLEE.


    With a rusty spool of razor wire.

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    • Here’s hoping we vote his miserable ass OUT in November. Seattle and Tacoma, however, are just chock FULL of ‘tards. It’ll be an uphill battle.


      • I say we hire Bugs Bunny to just saw the entire SeaTac area off and tow it out to sea; go in with OR and he can do Portland as well, and then they can all join Frisco as part of the Shit/Needle Sanctuary.


  10. I might give a shit but I already took an Inslee this morning, looked like the dicksucker too…… Hey sphincter face, you don’t make laws asshole, only the legislature can make laws, read any state constitution (sorry, I forget you can’t fiucking read), as well as the US Constitution, as most state constitutions follow the US. And as far as I can recall, the legislature has not been in session since I think maybe the end of January and they didn’t enacted laws addressing any sort of virus pandemic.
    TPTB can’t make up their fucking minds what is safe and what is not, cause they don’t fucking know, and every so called “ex-spurt” has a different opinion. So guv asshat, suck my wilted old shriveled up wanker you sorry waste of clean air……. Now where did I put that Porky Pig mask with the ears that say Fuck Off……

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  11. It is disappointing that thousands of people aren’t outside the gov’s office and home 24/7 flying the bird with sineage and audio aids to understand.


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