8 thoughts on “FUBAR Defined With One Picture

  1. The guy/guys who did this should be taking out back and their peepee’s cut off and then stretched four ways by good hemp rope and then burnt in a kerosene fire.


  2. Phil, please don’t show stuff like that. As a mechanic by trade, that visual actually is physically painful.
    I see that and I am reminded of how terrible heroin is.


  3. “So we drove up town just to get the tags
    And I headed her right on down the main drag
    I could hear everybody laughin’ for blocks around
    But up there at the court house they didn’t laugh
    ‘Cause to type it up it took the whole staff
    And when they got through the title weighed sixty pounds.”

    Damn. I kind of wish I had one of those things. (And there is only one, praise be to Weyland.)


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