Boilerdoc Is Back!

After a hiatus of 18 months, one of my all time favorite Bloggers has returned.


If you don’t recognize this image then you have absolutely no idea what you and all of the rest of us have been missing.

And if that is the case I strongly urge you to go snag a beverage, make yourself comfortable, go check his newest posts as he gets back into the groove and then go dig through the archives.

It won’t take you long to figure out why he was missed so badly.

I guarantee it.

The guy is a legend for a good reason.

8 thoughts on “Boilerdoc Is Back!

  1. It was one of the Blogs I hit from time to time. When it went dormant, I stopped
    checking in after a while. Blog fatigue has hit a lof us conservatives hard. I
    miss Soylent Siberia, Aardvarks and Asshats (Steamboat Mcgoo,) and others.
    Some will never come back because most Bloggers are long in the tooth and
    some have died in service to the conservative cause. Some of the best Bloggers
    are old coots and cunts who have enough spare time to devote their attention
    to the task.

    Back in the 1992 campaign cycle, I was enjoying a John Wayne breakfast at
    the Parsol Restaurant in Torrance CA with a few members of my computer
    club. The Donks were smearing Republicans for wanting to throw the elderly
    off a cliff for the crime of proposing Social Security reform. Sitting at the
    next booth was two geezer couples, who obviously rejected this bullshit.
    My back was to the two couples, and I nearly lost a sip of coffee through
    my nose when one of them asked the others if they had heard the Rush
    Limbaugh show the day before. I smiled and realized that the oldsters
    are less worried about themselves than they are their children and
    grandchildren’s future.

    Life was tough for my mother’s generation. They do not want to see their
    offspring having to live in a totalitarian shithole like Venezuela and would
    fight to the death to keep America what it is!


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