14 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. Back in the day I had a few ALFA’s which were mostly assembled with 10mm bolts and nuts so I accumulated a number of 10mm sockets and wrenches. Come forward about fifty years and I lost most of them fooling with the EGR valve on a ’97 S-10 four cylinder. Unlike most metric and SAE sockets, nothing subs for a 10mm.


  2. At several points I swore to myself I would get extra 10 mm sockets. My plan was to swing by several different pawn shops, look at the used tools, and buy anything with a 10 mm in it. Throw away the rest of the set and save the 10 mm’s. Except … Every fricking set in every fricking pawn shop was already missing the 10 mm. I ending up buying a few new ones from harbor freight. Still don’t have enough, but I lock my tool box now.


  3. Same for me … when I first started tinkering with mid 1970s Honda Civics … 10, 12,14, 17 and occasionally 19 mm sockets were both my friend and the bane of my existence. I had a lot of ’em .. short, tall, thin-walled, heavy-walled, 6 point, 12-point, you name it, I probably had it. Ah, good times .. expect when it came to breakdown / cleaning / reassembly of that CVCC 3-barrel carb … Ah … the joys of a stratified-charge engine.


  4. You realise he will use the feeler gauge to finagle the 13mm into being a 10, just that once.

    And your father’s days will be empty and your funeral forlorn, as he curses you for your cold empty heart.

    You should have gilded the 10 and given it him it it’s own monogrammed box, but no, you nicked it, you heartless lonely son-less empty father’s day forked up solo funeral sad bastid.

    If he’d at least had the opportunity to earn the heartbreak of personally losing the gilded 10mm socket from the unique monogrammed box gifted by The Sole Patriarch of all his progeny to perpetuate the exalted family line, he’d have had a real life lesson from a loving trustworthy Father worth honouring; instead of a pee-on-the-plot crap-in-the-coffin never again mentionable worthless waste of a mealy-mouthed cheapskate chinesium toolset gifting one component pinching probably happened-to-have dumped a load by subterfuge (akin to robbing a gift junk toolkit) into a likely equally grifted Poor Woman, oxygen thieving excuse of a probable communist homo mulatto kitten beating puppy drowning….ya shouldn’a dunnit!! Gaa!


  5. The robotics line I used to work on needed two essential tools. A Japanese Philips screwdriver, and a 2.5mm ball end hex wrench. Guess what was always missing from any worksite toolbox. I bought my own, kept them in the pocket of my lab coat, and wouldn’t let anyone else touch them.
    And why is it that my toolbox has every size wrench and socket EXCEPT 7/16″?


  6. Some kit manufacturers are nice, and smart, enough to include a couple spares in their kits – 1 or 2 extra nuts, or a spare screw (the better outfits will tell you they included spares so you don’t go crazy looking for where you missed installing one).

    I’m waiting for the day that tool manufacturers do the same thing with 10MM, 7/16 and 9/16 sockets. An extra socket in those sizes would be a nice touch, and given the cost differential it’s probably a bit much to ask, but an extra 10MM or 7/16 combination wrench would be a really nice touch.


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