3 thoughts on “This Gave Me A Warm Fuzzy

  1. OMFG, this reminds me of a story about a Chinese American farmer in
    Bakersfield Marxifornia back in the 80s or 90s. His “alleged” crime was
    killing some “endangered” Tipton Kangaroo rats with his farming implements.
    The FUCKING EPA seized his tractors and implements, which put him out
    of business.

    A huge percentage of Bakersfield farmers migrated to Bakersfield during the
    dust bowl in the 30s. You got it, the children and grandchildren of white
    Okie farmers resisted this action and came to the defense of a Chinese
    American immigrant. They knew this was federal overreach and they
    also knew that they could be next!

    The “Tipton Kangaroo Rat” was genetically identical to the Kangaroo Rat
    that is as common as the Spotted Owl. During this time, the EPA was
    giving rewards to environmental groups to rat out “offenders.” Many
    suspected that the rats were chopped up and salted on the immigrant
    farmer’s field. It is a nice thing to see good people help in cases like

    PS The city of Bakersfield wanted to build a new city hall complex. In
    order to get EPA approval, they had to round up all the Kangeroo Rats
    and relocate them. The city rented a room at the Bakersfield Motel
    6 to house them (I spent many weeks there on an out of town job.)
    When they finally decided to relocate them, they dumped them in
    the North Cole Levee, just ahead of heavy rain. They all Drowned.

    That is what the government does best!


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