More Old School Cool

To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember where I got this thing but it’s the only one like it I have ever seen that I can remember.

I don’t know if it was in my Dad’s crap after he died or if I picked it up at a yard sale somewhere but I do know that it has been kicking around in one of the drawers of a Roll Away for several years now.

An Aluminum Bow Saw style Hacksaw.

I snagged it and went to cut something small with it earlier today and discovered the blade was dull and bent to shit.

Of course it being me, things immediately went sideways from there.

I grabbed a couple of random hacksaw blades out of the drawer, took the thing over to the little work bench and proceeded to swap the bad one out.

Not so fast.

The one that was in it was in between both sizes I had on hand.

It also had some tiny, tiny little pins at the ends for the tension arms to grab.

I had some 10 inch blades and some 12 inch blades.

This thing had an 11 inch blade in it.

The more I looked at this thing the bigger the impression I got that someone made this in their garage. There are zero identifying marks on it.

I went Online just for grins and no 11 inch hacksaw blades jumped right out at me.

Of course.

Since the thing isn’t any good for much of anything without readily available saw blades I decided to cut the thing down to make 10 inch blades fit.

Over to the Mini lathe, cut down and turned a new end for the spreader bar then cleaned it up and then same same to the tension rod at the top plus rethreading it farther down for the wing nuts to be able to tighten the thing up.

Then I dug around and found a roll pin kit that I bought at Harbor Freight last year just for this kind of crap and found a couple that I could drive through the holes in the end of the 10 inch blade.

Then I cleaned the rest of the parts up some and put it all back together.

It’s a cute little joker.

10 thoughts on “More Old School Cool

    • I thought about it but then every time I need to change the blade I’d have to dig a drill and a bit out and fuck around with it on top of having to swap the roll pins out too.


  1. Hey Phil,Like your green handled Snap On SSDP42? screwdriver. Wonder how many of those overpriced suckers I’ve bought and lost over my career ? You sure are a determined rascal.


    • Red Handled Snap On screw drivers are the way to go. I have two complete sets of them from 1979 and I haven’t lost a single one, cuz’ I don’t loan them out and let anybody use them. I am a selfish bastard that way.


      • I always worked in new car dealers and salesmen were the worst culprits. They never had their own tools to screw on license plates. How many times did I hear “I’ll bring it right back?”. They seemed to disappear more when I was on a road test. Just a cost of doing business.

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        • I worked at a Chevy and a Ford dealership and I absolutely refuse to loan them any thing and threatened them if they took a tool with out my permission I would beat the tar out of them when they least expected it.


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