7 thoughts on “Cha Ching!

  1. I worked with a man some years ago who thought the radiator on a diesel forklift was for cooling the fuel so that’s where he filled the machine. Until he saw the fuel dumping on the ground. He didn’t drive the forklift after that.


  2. We have idiots among us, they breed and vote. Time to take the safeties and warning labels off everything, they don’t read them anyway, let Darwin sort them out.


  3. Time to take advantage of a situation like that.

    I was able to buy a 5 year old LTD II for cheap when I was in high school because the girl who owned it put motor oil in the transmission. An $85 trany rebuild kit from NAPA that had good set of instructions. It was my first attempt and it worked even though I had a few parts left over.

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    • Tsquared, you are old enough to know you always have parts left over… that is one of the great mysteries of life and the universe.


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