Happy Mean Old Bastard Day Gentlemen

I can pretty much guarantee that any of you guys who swing by here have kids, none of them are Snowflakes.

Raise your children right because it is they who will have to continue this fight.

I salute you.

22 thoughts on “Happy Mean Old Bastard Day Gentlemen

  1. Thank you Phil.
    Me and my wonderful wife have four children. My oldest son left our home a couple of years ago and is right in the middle of creating a family of his own.
    My second son will be gone in about a year.
    The other two still need a couple of years – which is quite fine by me.

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  2. I wish I could say that. I am not a popular father. Their mother was a full libtarded cunt, and still is. Blamed ME for my oldest getting pregnant at 15, yet she was the one that let her go out all hours of the night… on a school night, no less. Yet I am the evil one, for disciplining them… she would admonish me in front of them… I finally dumped her sorry ass, but, the damage was all ready done. 2 fucking libturds, who haven’t got the slightest clue what they are getting themselves into. It doesn’t help, when their moms siblings, are “Socialist Farmers party” members. They say it isn’t communist, but, those over educated little fucks are the elitist’s that are causing this shit… Oh, and they live in Madison, Wisconsin. FUCK THEM. I have put up with a shitload of hurt over this… but, a few years back, I said fuck it to them. And told them, if they got their shit into some trouble, NOT to count on me to help them… I’d rather they sit in fucking jail, like their aunts and uncles do. Even that won’t teach their sorry asses anything. They blame it on others…. typical…

    So needless to say, I get ignored on fathers day… So much for Honor thy father, and mother. Hell, she’s a house whore, who lives with a man who is a millionaire, down in the Florida keys…. She wouldn’t fuck me, ad left me to starve for that and other parts of affection. It just made me cold to almost any woman…. I live with one, who has parkinsons, and it aint much better, but, at least I can have my space. Holidays aren’t much for me, anymore. I sit it out, and just keep to myself…. Although I DO have fantasy’s of having a target shoot against ALL of BLM and ANTIFA fucks… that would make my fucking day. I have become more and more independent from ANYONE, and I don’t give a FUCK what I say, or express… You already know that….

    So, I enjoy reading your shit. You’re a stubborn old fuck just like me, so, I figured, hell, we’re friends already! lol!!!

    I hope your fathers day was a good one. I still think Dad’s should be respected. Not abused… But, hey… WHO AM I to want something, that isn’t politically correct…..

    Have a great fathers day everyone…. I always wished I had a family that respected that. But, I learned, it’s nothing but a fucking pipe dream, and another day at the ranchette….

    Blessings to all you fathers, who get the respect you deserve. I worked 7 days a week, for many years to give them, and that cunt of a mother, and then they still bitched because I didn’t bring enough money home. I guess $110,000.00 a year didn’t mean fucking much to them… and gave it all to them, including 2 fucking house, 6 cars… and who the hell remembers how much…. It was just expected, no matter what…. I deserved what I got, they would say….

    I sometimes wished I WOULD have beat the shit out of her a couple of times when she needed it. Hell, I go arrested for spanking my youngest daughter, who told me she was going out at 9 PM, and a school night to a friend to help her with her homework…. I got threw in jail. I told the judge, I would do it again, if he killed me for it…. I’ll never forget the size of his eyes, after I said it that way… I was fucking pissed…. lost 2 days of work, suspended for a week, no pay, and had a tarnish on my record that is probably STILL there, but, I don’t give a FUCK about it… Hell, I got kicked, beat with ball bats, wood ones, not plastic, and got the belt if I fucking SNEEZED wrong… I still turned out a good man, at least to MY parents, who at 85, and 81, STILL are around. AND I STILL respect them….Always will….

    So, all you fathers who get treated good, I am very happy for. No one gives a rats ass for my fathers day, but, hey… I’m alive, still takin’ nourishment, and I am STILL a fucking conservative asshole, who they hate, and it tickles me to no end, knowing that…. I even pissed them off a few years back by posting…” I’M S FAR RIGHT… I CAN’T MAKE LEFT HAND TURNS…”




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    • I feel your pain more than you will ever know.
      Sometimes you just have to let nature take it’s course and do whatever it takes to survive.
      You are more than welcome to drop in anytime.


    • my brother…..you are respected, just not by the fuckers that you thought should.
      I relate in some ways… HAPPY FATHERS DAY! you did what needed done. if they don’t respect that…FUCK EM!

      GOD will pat you on the back and say “well done my son, WELL DONE INDEED!”

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  3. Mine are RABID conservatives and patriotic! When they left home, 3 years apart, I actually apologized to them because they’d never ‘fit’ into contemporary society with the values and beliefs I instilled in them. They laughed. Now? They leave the old man in the dust (except for marksmanship) with their ‘rabid’ conservatism.

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  4. Daughter called round earlier, proud as punch of her, she’s no snowflake and works her arse off to live her life her way, a petrolhead she’s got two scruffy dogs who she thinks the world of, she has a boyfriend who’s got a work ethic and looks after her…a rare combination in England these days.

    She too knows the idiot box in the corner is the evil in all of our houses and neither the govt nor the media can be trusted an inch, life hasn’t been easy for her but she’s got a good heart and decent morals, can’t ask any more.

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  5. “Mean Old Bastard Day,” I have had an experience something similar to Taz, though not as dramatic and I just decided I am going to be a mean old bastard, works for me.. When the ex bint poison your children against you and you have the “State” being unreasonable and vindictive because you had the temerity to donate sperm, it just isn’t worth it. I just wrote them off, they are dead to me, so no Happy Fathers Day for me.

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  6. Back at everyone. Just got a happy fathers day call from my stepson, who just dropped a new engine into his 97 Silverado. Kid ain’t afraid of work.

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  7. I have one son just turned 16 whom I’m very proud of he’s working almost 40 hours a week mowing baling hay and what ever grandpa can come up with, he’s been straight a student since 1st grade hunts loves guns,playing basketball and as a left handed pitcher has a very good chance at a scholarship( 82 mph as a freshman ) but he doesn’t want to go to college he says he’s got nothing in common with most of the kids there.definatly not a snowflake keep up the good work I love reading this blog

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  8. Happy Fathers Day anyway, Taz, Cederq, etc. – you tried, you didn’t shirk your Duty. Can’t be blamed if the kids don’t want to turn out right, they will go wither soever they want.

    I’m lucky that my fourth (daughter) finally divorced her first batsnot crazy husband and found a much more stable one the second time. My only son is alive and well and in Illinois (rural-ish area near the Quad Cities) and has a good job and decent work ethic. 4 outta 4, I’m blessed by them!


    • Thank you S!, You are truly blessed! I wanted 6 or 7 kids myself and I could have supported them quite well and have been a good father. Wasn’t meant to be. I would have made a good LDS or Catholic…


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