Bad Judgement Call

I laughed out loud at the look on dumbasse’s face when he gets grabbed by the throat, then even harder when the big guy shakes his head no.

16 thoughts on “Bad Judgement Call

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  2. I am 6’2″ 235#…. I wouldn’t have dared.
    I remember seeing a guy big like that and one of the “smaller stature” fellows said “yeah, he probably can’t fight.” One of my buddies said “that big doesn’t matter, and even worse if he does!”


  3. Having been in a scrap with someone who was a good bit bigger than me, there are ways to even your chances.

    Hitting them on the arm with a yardstick isn’t one of the ways.


  4. I one knew a guy who was 7’4″ and 40″ wide. He had to duck and turn sideways to walk through a standard door. He had two jobs, a real job and a part-time job. His part-time job was as a process-server who only served papers to law enforcement officers….because they tended not to give him any lip.


    • The more I watch that, the more I really get a kick out of that asshole with the stick’s buddy talking and laughing on the phone behind him.Watch it again and keep an eye on him.


  5. I think it is staged. Watch how the big guy grabs the mans right hand and puts it on his shoulder and little man leaves it there so the big guy can lift him up.


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