11 thoughts on “Summer Is Finally Here!

  1. Shit…….you can send some of that precip back here to the other corner up in North Maine.
    I’m 66 YO, and I have never seen it this dry this early.
    Not even enough water in the brooks to go fishing.
    Right now, it’s fucking 95 degrees, only have AC in the bedroom, and I’m sweating my balls off.


  2. The weather is going to do what it does.
    The thing about the picture that brought me joy is thinking about Phil in the passenger seat of the green car with the top down.
    Sorry but that image made me chuckle.


  3. British racing green, stripes, that’s a nice looking car.
    My friend had a Midget, take the top down, dress warm, crank up the heater and drive. The twisty roads east of Sacrament, he’d drive and I’d have an adult beverage or two. That was a long time ago,
    Nice car….


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