9 thoughts on “Another Freaky Optical Delusion For Ya

  1. Duh. Ain’t that the way propellers work all the time? After all they’re made of recycled, biodegradable matter and turn very slow in order to reduce CO2 emissions.


  2. It is an issue of frame rate, just like those movie chase scenes where the
    wheels appear to be turning backward. It is for this reason that movie
    lighting is always synched to the cameras.


  3. We all know, in order for an airplane to fly, the air going over the top of the wing must travel faster than the air going under the wing. This causes lift, and the plane flies. This is showing how the propeller is making the “fast air” & the “slow air” . A perfect video for this explanation. Next, I’ll explain how the color “yellow” makes a rocket take-off to the stars.


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